Thursday, July 30

WEEKEND HAPZ: Greek Phest, Graffiti & Fashionable Fiestas

I'm going to go out of order for this installment of WEEKEND HAPZ ... I'm going to do the nightlife FIRST and then let you know what ELSE is out there to see and do. And there's a LOT ... so here we go:

FRIDAY NIGHT ... J. Lee & Lee Hunter will host UNFORGIVABLE FRIDAYs at Club Tiffany's. This one is strictly for GROWN FOLKS and will cater to the Ladies of the SBC.

Doors open at 9:30 pm ... Ladies get in free until 11 pm!!! and the evening will feature a LIVE performance by the SBC's own BILLY BROADWAY.

Also ... Ladies, your first drink is FREE!!! annnndd ... the bar will feature the drink: NuRoc ... a mix of Nuvo and Ciroc.

So ladies ... free admission, a free drink and some awesome local music ... Bring your fashion game and come out to the party :)


Happening FRIDAY, SATURDAY ... KOLLEGE GREEK PHEST. A weekend of events!!!

The weekend will include a Step Show, Picnic and a couple of parties ... Here's the 411:

ON FRIDAY: The Nupish Pretty Boys of Xi Alpha Khapter of Kappa Alpha Psi & Oh Boy Productions presents The "Go Live" or "Go Home" Step Show at Riverview Theater (formerly the Civic Theater).

Teams from all over will compete for a $3,000 Prize. There will also be a Stroll Competition & Cane Twirling Contest. The show starts at 7:11 pm.

[NOTE: The Step Show After Party at the Bossier Civic Center has been Cancelled]


The Creators of The Texas Greek Beach Party present The Kollege Greek Phest Picnic at Veteran's Memorial Park on Clyde Fant Pkwy

This is a Free, All Day Family Event!! Event hosts are welcoming All college Students & Greeks!!

BRING THE WATER GUNS, BBQ PITS, FOOTBALL, TENTS ... and come have a Divine Nine good time!


The "Too Throwed" Theta Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, The "Polo Khapter" Eta Pi Khapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, The "Untouchable" Zeta Iota Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc , & The "Dead End" Ques .. present: "Komplete K.A.O.S" -- The Only Official Kollege Greek Phest After Party ...

The party will be held at River View Hall (Downtown Shreveport). Doors open @9:06 pm.

Admission starts at $15 (which means it could change). Discounts until 10:14 pm. KAOS frats get in for $10 all night long!

Atlanta's #1 Krunk Dj "Dj Prymetyme" & Grambling's Own "Dj Shadow" will be in the mix!! So get your hops, struts and strolls ready and come PARTY!!!



Nxt Lvl Consulting is hosting a unique event at Gigi's Club New York ... a DAY PARTY. The event will be held from 4 pm to 9 pm. Dress code is "Summer Sexy" ... Admission is $10.


An urban art is taking over Downtown Shreveport this weekend. On Friday night, ARTSPACE is hosting its Opening Night for Graffiti.

Event organizers are hoping this exhibition will erase the misconceptions about Graffiti and demonstrate its continuing evolution in the field of fine arts.

The exhibition will be shown in the 700 block of Texas Street in Downtown Shreveport. The opening reception will be held from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Along with the art, you'll get to enjoy Indie, Hip Hop, Ghettotech and Mash Up music from area DJs, as well as a sampling of ‘Street' foods: pizza shops, hot dog stands, hoagies, giros, and other goodies.

The cost to attend this one-of-a-kind event is $10. Military and Student discounts available for $5 at the door.

[Side note: If you go see the Exhibit Saturday ... or any day after through Sept. 19th, it's FREE :)]


SBC 411: Charity Events Benefit Mission Trips & Autism Center

Rummage sale Saturday to help support mission trips

The Christian Leadership Center will have a rummage sale from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday (Aug. 1st) at Kilpatrick Auditorium (at Centenary College) -- on East Kings Highway at Woodlawn Avenue in Shreveport.

Items will include dormitory furniture, clothing, televisions, baby items, car seats and books. Proceeds will help defray the costs of Centenary College students' mission trips to Mount Sequoyah, Ark., and the Bahamas.

"The Christian Leadership Center promotes local and short-term mission opportunities for students, alumni and friends of the college," according to a news release. "Mission trips are grounded in biblical study, integrated with theological discussion and reflection and open to Centenary students and adults.

Send e-mail to Laura Vaughan at or call her at (318) 869-5280 to learn more.

Autism center to hold two fundraisers in August

The Educational Center for Autism will hold two fundraisers early next month.

The nonprofit center for children with an autism spectrum disorder will hold its Faces of Autism banquet and silent auction from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 9 at Shreveport Country Club, 3101 Esplanade Ave. in Shreveport.

And there will be a four-person scramble golf tournament at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 10 at the Shreveport Country Club. Registration will be from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Entry fee is $500 per four-person team, $125 per individual and includes greens fees, carts and range balls.

Call (318) 671-7100 to learn more.

Wednesday, July 29

EVENT PREVIEW: Young Aspiring Actors to Star in "Dreamgirls"

A group of young thespians will take the stage next month to show off what they've learned at a special camp.

The Mahogany Ensemble Theatre Group has been meeting and training young actors all summer during Camp Aspire at the Bossier Arts Council. And now those younge people will star in a production of DREAMGIRLS.

This legendary Broadway musical is the rags-to-riches story following the lives of Effie White, Deena Jones, and Lorrell Robinson--the "Dreamettes" a hopeful singing trio from Chicago who experience the ups and downs of show business on the path to making their dreams come true.

This show will run from Thursday August 14th through Saturday, August 15th at the East Bank Theatre (630 Barksdale Blvd.) ... There will be a 3 pm matinee show and a 7:30 pm show. Tickets are just $15!!!! (Group rates are available).

  • To buy tickets go HERE. And to learn more about the program, and the Mahogany Ensemble Theatre, go HERE.

Friday, July 24

WEEKEND HAPZ: Comedy, Theater & More ... and of course, Parties!

Can you believe it??? JULY is almost over!!! ... Technically this is the LAST full weekend of the month .... and there's a variety of things to do ...

You can go see Charlie Murphy at the Funny Bone, catch a Bruce Lee flick at the RFC, be entertained by Gospel Idol (I'm kinda wonderin' about that one myself), go see a Captains game, watch the YAZZY kids put on a show at Byrd High, go take in some thrilling theater, OR hit the Wet Pool Party!


J.Lee & Lee Hunter will present "Unforgivable Fridays" -- The Polos & Stilettos Edition.

The event will be held at Club Tiffany's (2621 Hollywood)
The event has been promoted as one for the Mature Audience (21 and up) and is also penned as a T.G.I.G.F EVENT (Thank God Its Grown Folks) .. lol.

Dress Code: Chic Fashionable & Sexy!! (No Athletic Gear, etc.) ... 1st 25 ladies Rocking Stilettos get in FREE!! (and all ladies in stilettos get discounted drinks!!!)

Must Have A Valid ID ... Discount Admission With Your Military ID ... For more info, call 318.655.2449


CrowdPleaser Entertainment will present DIAMONDS & DIMES, at Riverview Hall.

This event will be hosted by the THE d'LAQUOR MODELS, THE FANTASY BOYZ, AND THE CROWDPLEASER GLAMOUR SQUAD. DJ Marle-Mar will be on the 1's and 2's.

Doors open at 9:30 pm. FREE ROSES for the 1st 50 ladies!!! And Ladies pay only $10 ALL NIGHT LONG.

For more Info or Directions, call 318.422.5322.


Greeks and "Party Freaks" Get ready for NEXT WEEKEND as OH BOY Productions and the Nupes host the ARK-LA-TEX KOLLEGE GREEK PHEST.

The weekend includes a Step Show, several parties and a picnic!!! So get your paraphernalia ready!!! Get all the details about the event (including hotel info for out-of-towners) at


Wednesday, July 22

EVENT PICS: Wine Tasting @ Bijou, Part 2

Mo' Wetta Entertainment provided the SBC with another classy event inside the Bijou Ultra Wine Bar this past Saturday night ....

Partiers and wine lovers came out in droves to get a taste ... dressed to impress and ready to mingle.

This was the 2nd event of this kind held at Bijou in recent months ... Last time, I didn't taste anything (too busy taking pics and I'm not really a wine fan), but since I had a homegirl with me, I decided to be a little more social and have a little fun.

I went up to the nice lady (I'm going to find out her name next time) at the wine table and asked her for something SWEET.

I like sweet drinks because I have a very lowe toleraance for the taste of alcohol/beer/wine. The only way I can drink is pretty much if it tastes sweet or fruity.

She introduces me to a MOSCATO (pictured above, with her) ... it literally tastes like JUICE. The event served it well chilled and it was AMAZING.

So if you're someone like me who thinks wine tastes way too much like BEER, try THIS one. (Get the details on the wine HERE.) Prices at different wine sites range from $12-30 a bottle depending on where you get it.

You can also order it by the glass or bottle at Bijou (it's their House wine).

I also tried a Merlot ... it was pretty good but wasn't chilled so it lost my attention really quick lol.

On the other side of the Bijou (near the entrance), another table was set up with liquors. Featured were 3 brands, including Nuvo and Hennessy Black.

NUVO is promoted as a sparkling wine/liqueur. It IS very fruity and is put in a bottle that makes it look like oversized perfume or cologne ... Definitely a sexy drink.

HENNESSY BLACK (a Cognac) was too strong for me, or my homegirl (even with Sprite mixed in), but if you like strong liquor, this one is definitely for you.

So the night went well :) -- I found two new drinks to ask for at local nightspots (if they have 'em) and the cheese and crackers were off the chain (I could've eaten a whole tray by myself lol).

No word on when they NEXT one will be, but I'm sure it's already in the works. See all the photos from THIS one by going HERE.

Tuesday, July 21

EVENT PICS/RECAP: The Firm's "StopLight Party"

It was a colorful scene inside ENCORE Friday night (7.17), as newbie to the nightlife scene, THE FIRM, hosted their first major event -- a STOP LIGHT PARTY.

For those that don't know, at these parties guests dress up in different colors of a Stop Light -- according to their relationship status.

GREEN means you're single, YELLOW means "it's complicated", and RED means you're taken.

All the colors were represented Friday night:

Some even showed up in several or ALL the colors:

Even couples showed up in their RED outfits:

Others showed up in some interesting attire (LOL):

Outside the party, THE FIRM had a VIP Line, complete with red carpet photos (shout out to Iz of IM Photography) ... and a personal elevator escort to bring them up to the 2nd floor (where another photographer was waiting).

Everyone else had to catch those stairs LOL.

INSIDE the party, VIP was the place to BE!!!

Champagne on ice on each table on the lower level, Wii in the upper level ... along with a personal waitress at their beckon call ...

And in the back (curtained) area there were "dancers" catching a pole and giving the fellaz a reall good show (LOL .. I mistakenly went back there to get some food and was traumatized ...

I never did get anything to eat :( LOL ) The VIP's had a really good time and definitely got their 20 dollars worth!!! :)

In the rest of the club, the people were dancing, the bars were packed and US photographers were busy! :) [Yes, about 20 ppl packed into that ONE photo .. smh]

I had fun, thanks to appeareances by some of my friends:

Overall, the party got a slow start but hundreds showed up and it was a great turnout for THE FIRM's first big event. There were few glitches (like with any event) but from the outside looking in, it was a damn-near flawless execution.

They delivered exactly (maybe even more than) what they promised in their promotion. When guests complained about the admission price, they accomodated their request by lowering the price for a limited amount of time (but didn't budge after that ... event hosts, take heed!), the DJs played a variety of songs, and they made sure to have media there (i.e. photographers) to document the event. And there was AIR .. and NO DRAMA!!! :)

Props to them ... If they keep up the momentum, the 21 and ups will have a place to get their party on with an even balance of crunkness and classiness (if that is possible these days lol).

One of the FIRM members tells me they're planning another even for September ... details when I get more info ... Til then ....

  • See ALL the pics from the event HERE. (all photos on this page and at the link by mahogani media)

  • And visit THE FIRM on MySpace, HERE.

[I hope none of the people I photographed will get in trouble for their outfits (like wearing green when you're engaged, or the pregnant person in yellow), but I apologize in advance :)]

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