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Thank You! .... I Want Feedback!!! :)

According to my stats counter, I've finally reached (and passed) 1,000 hits to my blog. And I want to say:


I've always been a writer and blogging just came easy to me because I've been journaling since I was 11. (Thank you Mrs. Catanese at CMM!).

I also wrote for my high school newspaper as a freshman (Go Jackets!), produced and wrote for my high school TV station KBYRD, lent my voice (and love of R&B) to KLSU (LSU-BR's radio station ... that's where I became mahogani) and even wrote YOUR news for a total of 3 years.

I love providing people with information and I love sharing stories that make people smile, cry or think ...

I'm a journalist -- It's what we do.

But sometimes we don't have the option of hearing what YOU our readers (or viewers -- or listeners) think or feel or want ... And I want to take the opportunity to ask.

My first week writing this blog (back in January) I had 5 hits to my page ... probably my friends just supporting a sista.

I slacked on writing because I wasn't sure anyone would care what I wanted to say or share ... but after looking at all my experience and what I miss most about being a newswriter (informing the people) ... I felt I had an obligation to try anyway ..

Now I'm up to about 150 hits a week (and I only update it once a week --- imagine if I did it more -- heck, imagine if I got PAID lol).

I just want those of you who DO stop by to let me know what you think ... LEAVE A COMMENT .. let me know what you like, don't like or would like to see me do ...

I'm open to all suggestions ... and I don't mind you being anonymous ... :)

If you'd like to e-mail me something ... a story, press release, or kudo ... e-mail

THANKS AGAIN for all your support ... I appreciate every glance, every hit and every silent word of "thanks" ... now speak up!!! and let YOUR voice be heard ... :)

Peace & Blessings.


EVENT ALERT: Dillard U Alumni present "Blue Fusion" + mahogani's turning 30!

If anyone knows how to represent their school it's me. I'm an LSU Alum who's a faithful giver to the Alumni Association. (Wish my contributions got me season passes though! lol)

So when I got a press release from a fellow journalist and Dillard University Alum, I had to pass it on.

Plus -- anything bringing grown folks and culture/music together is my kind of event! :)

Here's the info:

The Dillard University Alumni Association will host “Blue Fusion,” on Saturday, Aug. 9th from 8-10 pm at Gigi’s Martini Lounge in downtown Shreveport.

Blue Fusion” blends together jazz, fun and flavor for a good cause in celebration of the newly-formed Shreveport Alumni Chapter of Dillard University.

Blue Fusion aims to bring together Shreveport’s professional, college alumni crowd for a night of culture and entertainment in a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere. The night will include mingling, music and networking. Bring your business cards!

A portion of the proceeds will go toward the DUAA-Shreveport Chapter’s scholarship drive.

Everyone, especially alumni, friends or supporters of historically black colleges or universities, are invited to share in this kickoff fundraiser.

Admission is $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Call (318) 670-8980 or email for more information.


Look at this:

Yes that's me, back in my Central Free Methodist days ... It's hard to believe that this little girl (who has ALWAYS been about her books! lol) is about to turn 30! But it's true!

I'm currently planning a birthday party for the big day ... Saturday, August 30th.

It's invite only, so don't expect to see some big promotion ... but I may fuse my night together with a Cafe' style show I've been wanting to have for some time now.

So I'm putting out an APB for any Dancers (solo or team/crew), Poets, Singers, Musicians, etc... that may want to participate.

Can't say I'm going to pay you ... but you will be performing for a professional crowd that may lead to paying gigs in the future. (And you will get publicity!)

So if you're interested in performing ... E-MAIL ME ... and for those of you who've already received an invite ... Stay Tuned. I know it's a month away but I'm hoping this will be a big event ... :)

I'm going to be 30!

I can't believe it!!! For those of you already there ... What's it like? Let a sista know ... do I have a lot more to look forward to in the next decade of my life?? LOL. Holla at me! :)


Check out the side panel (to your right) for info on some community events and a car & bike show this Sunday ..

And if you need info on registering for National Night Out .. Check out the last blog for more on that.

Peace -- m

Inflation is a Mofo!!!

Remember about six months ago, when I was complaining about these gas prices?

Now, I'd be happy to pay it! ....

Why oh why must inflation kick our butts repeatedly in such a short amount of time???

And it's not just gas prices that's soaring, have you noticed the price tags at your favorite grocery store, fast food restaurant or convenience store?

Check it out:

costs more than a gallon of gas!!! What kind of cows are we getting this ish from??

Milk used to be a little over $3, now that's what you pay for half of the amount! I hate it for those who are drinking soy! Sheesh ...

Needless to say, my cereal consumption has been cut down to seldom .... and here's another reason:

This was the price tag at a local drug store where I can usually find my favorite cereal with a 2 for something tag on it.

I mean seriously ... I can see upping the price of sugary/children's cereal but CHEERIOS??? Nearly $5???? Come ON people ...

I usually head to Wal-Mart, where I used to get cereal for under $3 a box, but I'm scared to see what it costs now!

And look at this:

I took these pics at a local convenience store. When da hell did a REGULAR SIZED CANDY BAR go up to $1.09???? It's not even a King-size!!!

And if you peek into the soda refrigerators you'll see 20 oz. drinks (which used to be THIS price) are now $1.29 or 1.39 each!

Am I gonna have to go to the corner stores in the 'hood to get a deal on snacks??? Sheesh.

I remember commenting on the same topic on The Times' LINK 222 Blog after staff members complained about the price of sodas having increased at the vending machine ...

I had to let them know I'd seen the same thing where I work ... except I had no complaints after stopping by a Circle K (which has also increased the price of my favorite cappucinos!!! grrrr) and attempting to purchase a 20 oz. Sprite ... I noticed that it was cheaper to get the drink from the vending machine (where it's $1.25) ... Ain't that a blip?!

I've even noticed the price change at Mickey D's and KFC, where I get the same thing every time ... meals have gone up like 50 cents in the past couple of months.

I know they have to pay for increased delivery costs because of high fuel prices but sheesh ... Eventually we're all going to need assistance to buy groceries because we spend all our money on gas ... When will it end??!!!

Have you noticed any crazy inflation prices??? Sound off!

- m

Wednesday, July 16

ATSBC Super Blog: Past, Present & Future

(photo by Val Horvath of The Times)

Last weekend was pretty busy here in the SBC. Besides dodging raindrops, hundreds of softball players and fans were doing their part to "Strike Out Sickle Cell" at the 32nd Annual Sickle Cell Softball Tournament.

The tournament was held this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Cargill and Southern Hills Metro Parks. Nearly 200 participants and just as many spectators braved the temperatures to support a worthy cause.

The weekend began with a Home Run Derby on Friday night ... Check out The Times' pre-game story HERE and See pictures from that night HERE.

Here are some pictures from the rest of the weekend:

(pictures above by Val Norvath of The Times)

(pictures above by Henrietta Wildsmith of The Times)

(pictures above by Val Horvath of The Times)

See ALL the pics from Saturday HERE and HERE ... See the rest of the Sunday pics HERE

Proceeds from the Tournament go to help the Northwest Louisiana Sickle Cell Foundation's key programs of education/awareness and health care.


I'll be honest. Me and the SCF haven't had the best relationship. Even when I called to get some information e-mailed to me about the tournament, I didn't receive a thing (which is why there was no pre-game blog about it). But the tiny bit of resentment I feel for them has more to do with something else ...

Let me share some more pictures with you:

Kevin Woodard (1964-2005)

Anthony Woodard (1960-2001)

These are my two brothers, Kevin and Anthony Woodard. I lost both of them to sickle cell.

They were sick all their lives, but hardly ever complained about it and never asked to be treated differenlty.

Born in the mid 1960s, when sickle cell wasn't something people really tested for, my oldest brother, Anthony had to become gravely ill before his condition was known. Then throughout both their lives they were told they wouldn't live to see puberty ... then they wouldn't live to see adult hood ... even today the average lifespan for a person born with sickle cell is 45 years old.

Both my brothers (born four years apart) died at age 41.

Before my oldest brother died, I contacted the SCF to help him. Both my brothers did not want to go to dialysis, which is recommended in later stages of life to help the kidneys function and replace sickled blood cells with healthy blood cells. At most the SCF just recommended a dialysis center.

When I contacted them about my 2nd brother, I think a representative came to visit him in the hospital but that was it. Later, after they died, I attempted to volunteer with the organization in hopes of helping family members like myself and children/adults living with sickle cell.

I mentioned my past experience with the organization to a person at the foundation and I was told that the main health care focus is on children, not adults (though that's not what their website says). I guess when your lifespan is less than 50 years, who cares to follow them into adulthood right? (I'm being bitterly sarcastic here).

Sometimes I wonder where the money goes because we were never offered financial assistance (being in and out of the hospital, medication and dialysis centers cost money) -- Is it because they weren't children?

For whatever reason, they weren't given the help I thought they should have. I guess it's not their job to fullfill MY expectations but I feel if you say you're gonna provide services for one group, you should provide them for all.

I've supported the radiothon, the softball tournament and shook cans with my sorors for years, but when I needed the help for my brothers, I didn't get the same support.

I'm not saying don't help the Foundation. I'm not saying what happened (or didn't happen) with my brothers is their fault. I'm just saying that I wish I could've gotten the same support I gave them. And though I still support the cause, it is now with a heavy heart.

For those of you living with it or has a family member with sickle cell, I feel your pain. For those that don't know what sickle cell is or what it does to those with it -- Educate Yourself.

1000 people are born every year with sickle cell. 80,000 are currently living with it. And over 2 million live with the trait (which means if you marry someone with the trait, you could bare a child with the disease).

Thankfully Anthony left us with two children. My niece and nephew were not supposed to be here, because he was advised not to have children. He did it anyway. And I'm thankful for it.

Now I educate them, not only about their father and uncle, but about what living with the trait means for their lives.

So it's great to donate here and there ... and swing a bat once a year ... but the crisis is 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... so do more.

Even with my experience I plan to get more involved. Then maybe what happened to me won't happen to anyone else ...

RIP Anthony and Kevin -- I miss you! :)


In case you didn't know, Brother's Seafood has closed their location in the Red River Entertainment District. Their last day of business was this past Monday.

Truth be told, Chef Orlando has been talking about this move for a while, which is one of the reasons why he opened the Monkhouse Drive location.

The Monkhouse location will remain open, and if you could drive all the way downtown for Pete Harris or Brother's you can go to Monkhouse to get it! LOL.

(See the story on the closing HERE ... See Channel 3's video story HERE.)


There are a couple of events of interest going on today ... including the America's Next Top Model Auditions (CLICK HERE for more information) and the Voter's Registration Drive (CLICK HERE for information on that).



Registration for the 25th annual National Night Out is underway in Shreveport and Bossier City.

The event, which will be Aug. 5, is a chance for neighbors to get to know each other by spending a couple of hours together. Those wanting to throw a party and wish to have their street blocked off or have a visit from a city employee must fill out a form and turn it in to their respective city offices by July 25.

The parties must take place from 6 to 9 p.m.

For Shreveport: Registration forms are available at the city’s website, or by calling 673-5100.

For Bossier City: Registration forms are available at and must be returned to the community services division.

Forms are also available at the police department front lobby and the BCPD Training Center at 1349 E. Texas.

Forms can also be faxed to residents by calling 741-8349.

To close city streets, 51 percent of the resident’s signatures are needed and the petition will be subject to approval by the police department.

And Speaking of good causes ... (from the Times)

The American Cancer Society is looking for cosmetologists in Shreveport to serve as volunteer facilitators for “Look Good…Feel Better,” a program that helps female cancer patients cope with appearance-related side effects from cancer treatment by teaching them beauty tips to enhance their looks and self-image.

“Look Good…Feel Better” is a non-medical program offered free of charge by the American Cancer Society, the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation and the National Cosmetology Association.

No product endorsements are given, and participants are never asked to buy anything from volunteers or participating organizations.

A three hour training session for new volunteers will be required. At the session, volunteers will learn how to teach women undergoing cancer treatment to cope with changes in their body caused by treatment, such as hair loss and changes in skin color.

For information on Look Good...Feel Better, please call 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit the American Cancer Society’s Web site at

- m

Tuesday, July 8

Weekend Event Alerts: Phrozen ParadICE, Big Body Show & Bow Wow @ Encore


Hello Party People!!! The Alphas are ready to cool you off this summer weekend with their Phrozen ParadICE event.

This Friday night's event will be the first college party held on the lake ... at the American Legion on S. Lakeshore.

The doors open at 10:06 pm. Greeks discounted until 11:36 pm. The first 20 ladies in black or gold heels are free. DJ Marle-Mar will be on the 1s and 2s. Dress to Impress!

For more Info (and to get VIP passes), call 318-422-5322 or 318-272-9204


And here's another event that turned my head ... Bow Wow will be the special guest at a party at Club Encore (above the Funny Bone/formerly RWB) this Saturday night.

Tickets are $25 for the party, which starts at 7 pm. 21 and up to attend (must have valid ID). Call 742-9950 for tickets and other information. (CLICK HERE to see the flyer).
{FYI ... Bow Wow is 21. I'm just sayin'}


I found this flyer on a friend's MySpace page and thought I'd share it.

The Big Body Car & Bike Show will take place this Sunday, July 13th at the Minden Fairgrounds.

It will feature the hottest rides in the area and an appearance by Rap-a-Lot recording artist Bulletproof. Admission is $12 (free for kids 12 and under)

The event is sponsored by P2K, 5 Entertainment, 316's Magazine and Kennedy Center. Call the numbers on the flyer for more information!


SBC 411: Dance & Modeling Classes + ANTM Auditions

Want to learn some moves? Then come out and get your dance on!

Hip hop / jazz dance lessons will be offered starting Thursday, July 10th (through July 31st), presented by choreographer Roshanda Spears!

This four session class for children/teens/adults will take place every Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:15pm. Class fees are $40 per student.

For more information please contact Terry Jackson at 318-470-2465.

''These Boots are Made for Walking'' ....

That's the name of the fashion and modeling boot camp that will be hosted by the T'Shemise Fashion Group, Inc.

The two-week camp runs from July 14th to July 28th, and will be focused on "enhancing self-esteem and confidence in young girls and giving them a creative outlet to express themselves."

The camp includes: Modeling Techniques, Makeup artistry, Etiquette and Poise, Self esteem and character builiding, Fashion design basics, and Dressing for your body type.

The camp costs $150 for each participant. Call (318) 675-1122 to register. You can also get more information and an application by going HERE.

Find out more about T'Shemise by going to


It's that time again for aspiring models. America's Next Top Model (and the Michael Turney Agency) is holding yet another casting call here in the SBC.

(didn't they just do this a couple of months ago?).

In case you hadn't heard, the last cycle (Cycle 10) ended with the first plus-sized winner in ANTM history -
Whitney Thompson.

Though she's only a size 10, that's considered plus-size in the model world. So if you have a little junk in your trunk, don't believe the hype that you can't be a Top Model! :)

<Check Whit out HERE>

As for the upcoming auditions ... here's the 411:

Wednesday, July 16th & Thursday, July 17th

8:30-11:15 AM & 7:00-8:45 PM

KPXJ Studios (312 E. Kings Hwy)

Must be between the agest of 18 and 27, Must be at least 5 foot 7. Find out other eligibility requirements

Bring completed application to Casting Call,along with copies of driver's license or passport AND social security card or birth certificate.

Also bring three photographs of yourself, each clearly labeled on the back with your name and the code (see numbers listed under paragraph 23 in eligibility requirements ) corresponding with the location nearest you.

One must be a close-up of your face, the second must be a full-length photograph of your entire (clothed) body, and thethird must be a full-length photograph of you wearing a swimsuit.

Interviews and catwalks will be videotaped by KPXJ CW21.

Download and application find out more information by clicking
HERE or pick one up at the KPXJ Studios.

Coming Soon/Made In The SBC: The Longshots

For those of you keeping up with the movies being shot around the SBC (especially the Black ones), here's the trailer for The Longshots (formerly known as The Comeback).

The film stars Ice Cube , Tasha Smith (Daddy's Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married) and KeKe Palmer (Akeelah The Bee, Jump In) ...

When I heard Limp Bizkit front-man Fred Durst was directing a mostly-Black cast, I was kinda worried about what the film would turn out to be ... but I might actually go see this one.

It hits theaters August 22nd ... So check it out!

Monday, July 7

ATSBC Wrap-Up: July 4th Festivities + "Shug" Avery Visits the RFC

July 4th was a rockin' good time! (don't laugh, I was trying to be witty lol).

Fireworks filled the skies Friday night at KSLA's River Blast (and at Harrah's LA Downs). Lots of families came out to enjoy the fun:

There was a candy-apple eating contest. I hear a beauty queen (not the girl in the picture) won the contest (see, pretty girls do eat bad things!) ...

I'm kinda upset they posted this pic, but hey ... looks like she had a real good time LOL .. Check out all the pictures from the 4th of July festivites by going HERE.


Margaret "Shug" Avery
returned to the SBC for a special screening of "The Color Purple" at the Robinson Film Center.

Before you get mad, I didn't tell you because I didn't know about it until I went up to BPCC Friday afternoon and heard she was coming.

The event was held Sunday for a cost of $25 per person. With little publicity, of course the crowd was mostly vanilla, but hey, at least they came right?

Avery participated in a Q&A session after the show and discussed her anxiety over the kiss between she and Celie (Whoopi Goldberg) and how the movie impacted her life. (Check out the Times' story on avery's visit HERE).

What you won't read in the newspaper is what an classy woman Avery is and how long she's been in the business (over 3 decades).

I had the joy of meeting (and actually eating with) her when I was a crew member on Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins last summer (she played Mama Jenkins).

It was crazy to be sitting right across from "Shug" Avery. I had to stop myself from calling her SHUG (lol).

She told me I looked like one of her cousin's that lived in Atlanta (Avery is an Oklahoma native herself), and would say "Hey cousin!" every time she saw me after that.

She is the gentlest soul, just like the man who played her husband, Papa Jenkins, James Earl Jones.

Avery has been acting since the early 70s. She was over a decade into the business when she played the infamous Shug.

Actually, she was a last minute casting decision. Phyllis Hyman was the original choice, then Tina Turner (who turned it down). Even Patti LaBelle auditioned for the role! The producers wanted a singer. But Steven Spielberg overrode them and cast Avery.

And he couldn't have made a better choice. She is a class act(ress).

Learn more little-known tidbits about The Color Purple by going HERE ... and view the picture gallery from the RFC event HERE

And this won't be this last time you see Avery on stage in the SBC. She'll be a part of the cast of the River City Reperatory Theatre's "The Member of the Wedding," opening Wednesday, July 16th (and running through July 20th).

The production will take place at the Scottish Rite Cathedral at 725 Cotton Street.

Learn more about the production including times, ticket information (and Avery's role in it) by going HERE.

And learn more about Avery's life and upcoming roles by going to

(All pictures posted in this entry were taken by Val Horvath of the Times)

Event Update: Weezy Passes On The Port City

Yeah, you heard it right. For whatever reason, Lil Wayne has cancelled his concert in Shreveport that was scheduled for Friday night.

I kind of knew it was coming with tickets priced at $125 for front row, but I know a lot of people were looking fforward to this event.

I don't know who told him we were rich in the SBC but he was sadly mistaken thinking he was going to use this event to pay for legal fees LOL. (I'm just sayin') ...

So he's bypassing Shreveport and will just perform at the K104 Summer Jam in Dallas/Grand Prairie this Saturday.

A friend of mine said he called Ticketmaster's Customer Service and they are saying you can use your Shreveport ticket at the Dallas/Grand Prairie Show. But I'd call on that before making the drive.

The show in Dallas/Grand Prairie will be held at the Nokia Live Theatre (which is an outside theater) at 4 pm on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 1

Holiday Event Alerts: Comedy, Concerts, and Fireworks

Well it's that time again. Time to fire up the backyard grill and spend an insane amount of money on firecrackers and sparklers. :)

If you're like me, you'll be working most of the 4th ... later indulging in leftover BBQ plates from sympathetic family members who got the day off (boooo).

To make you feel better, and give you something to do this weekend, here's a list of events you may consider checking out and spending some of that firecracker money on ...

Happy Independence Day! :) - m

Fresh off his semi-funny gig at the BET Awards, King of Comedy D.L. Hughley will hit the Encore stage this week (Thursday through Saturday).

He's the last of the KOC to visit the SBC. Ced and Bernie were both here filming a movies. and Steve came by last month for his radio show -- now it's DL's turn.

If you're wondering what the heck Encore is, it's the club right above the new location for the Funny Bone (who's sponsoring the comedy show).

Show times and ticket information are above.

I'm pretty sure the late shows will be full, so get your tickets NOW.

The 4th of July would be nothing without River Blast, the annual fireworks festival on the Riverfront -- sponsored by KSLA News 12.

There will be live entertainment starting at 5 pm. The 22-minute fireworks show starts at 9:20 and there's plenty to enjoy in between -- like lots of food from local restaurants and your chance to meet KSLA personalities (shout out to Najahe, Ron, Katrina, Mike D., Bob G., Jeff, new mom Shannon, Eddie D., Fred C., and Miss Francois).

Go HERE for a complete list of events and parking information (yes, there will be shuttles available).

If you can't make it downtown for the festivities, there will be a live broadcast on KSLA and from 9-10 pm.

On the night of the 4th, you can enjoy even more live entertainment elsewhere in the SBC.

Gladys Knight and Al Green will be onstage at the Horseshoe Riverdome. If you can afford $150 tickets, it's a chance to see R&B greats in action. Buy Tickets HERE.

On the Shreveport side of the river, Pretty Willie (aka P-Dub) will be onstage at the Municipal Auditorium. Tickets are available at the door, and there will be an afterparty at the venue.

I saw a commercial last week saying Webbie would be in town performing on Thursday night ... but it's not on any city event calendar. If you want more information, contact one of the ticket outlets like Lil' J's or Lakeshore All Around Sounds.

Webbie and Friends will be in Monroe on the 18th, check out my recent Concert Watch blog for more information on that one.

For you club-goers, expect long lines and increased admission this weekend. (Hey, I'm just sayin').


Lil' Wayne comes to the SBC next Friday (July 11th), for a live performance with Shreveport native Hurricane Chris. Tickets are available online at

This may be your last chance to see Weezy before his upcoming court date (where he's facing 40 years), so take advantage! (I'm just sayin)


Here are a few blind items I wanted to pass on to you ... In case you didn't know:

  • In case you were about to call Comcast and ask where da hell TV One went, don't fret -- the cable company is shifting its lineup (but forgot to let TV Guide know). TV One is now on Ch. 23 on basic cable. Ch. 66 is now the Soap Net Channel.
  • Burger King is now open until 2 am! Rejoice BK lovers!

Concert Watch: From EWF to Chaka Khan, Plus Betty Wright & More!

Not going to Essence? Looking for some live entertainment and don't know what's going on ... Well I'm here to help.

Here it is again, time to let you know what's coming to a stage near you in the months of July and August 2008.

There's soul, blues, hip-hop and even some comedy on the list ...

Just click BUY TICKETS to get more information on how you can make sure your face is in the place for the hottest tickets this summer!

Enjoy! - m

Friday July 4TH, 8 pm

* * * *

Wednesday, July 9th, 8 pm – Nokia Live Theatre – Grand Prairie TX
Saturday, July 12th, 8 pm – Verizon Theater – Houston TX

Wednesday, July 9th @ 8 pm – Nokia Live Theater, Grand Prairie TX
Saturday, July 12th @ 8 pm – Verizon Theater, Houston TX

Friday, July 11th @ 8 pm – Hirsch Coliseum, Shreveport LA : (Cancelled)
Saturday, July 12th @ 4 pm – Nokia Live Theater – Grand Prairie TX: BUY TICKETS

Friday, July 18th @ 7 PM – Monroe, LA


(w/ Talib Kweli and others)

Friday, August 1st @ 7 pm - House of Blues, New Orleans


Saturday, August 2nd @ 7:30 pm – Arena Theater, Houston TX


Tuesday, August 5th @ 8 pm - House of Blues, New Orleans



Wednesday, August 6th @ 6 pm – HOB, New Orleans - BUY TICKETS
Saturday, August 9th @ 6:30 pm – HOB Dallas - BUY TICKETS
Monday, August 18th @ 8 pm – Verizon Theater, Houston TX

Friday, August 8th @ 8 pm – Arena Theatre, Houston TX
Saturday, August 9th @ 8 pm - Nokia Live Theater, Grand Prairie TX

Thursday, August 21st @ 8 pm - Palladium Ballroom, Dallas TX

Friday, August 29th @ 7:30 pm – Nokia Live Theater, Grand Prairie, TX
$17-59 - BUY TICKETS

Out On DVD: Meet The Browns + E. Lynn Harris' New Book

Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns is now out on DVD ...

I never saw the film in theaters so I guess I'll hit up a Blockbuster and see what it's all about (and look at Rick Fox for nearly 2 hours! lol).

The play was hilarious but as with most Tyler Perry movies, the play and the movie are a distinct contrast ...

Anyway, PICK IT UP (and not on bootleg!!). SUPPORT BLACK FILMMAKERS!

And for you avid readers, like myself, and all E. Lynn Harris fans -- His new book "Just Too Good To Be True" comes out this month -- Tuesday, July 15th to be exact.

You can pre-order a copy at most national bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble or Borders (and of course on the almighty

It's been years since our last taste of Harris (Say A Little Prayer) and I'm eager for another fix!!! He's one of my favorite writers. He's the James Baldwin of the new millenium (wink) ... LOL.

Go to for more on his latest novel and book tour dates.


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