Thursday, April 30

EVENT ALERT: Caddo Parish Teacher Job Fair (May 2nd)

Caddo Parish Schools are looking for a few good teachers! Can you make the grade???

  • Do you hold a Louisiana teaching certificate or an out-of-state certificate?
  • Will you complete a Teacher Education program prior to September 1st?
  • Are you in a Louisana Alternate Certification Program?

Then come out to the Caddo Parish Spring 2009 Teacher Job Fair!

This event will be held this Saturday, May 2nd from 9 am to 12 pm at Turner Elementary/Middle School.

The Job Fair offers an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with principals and central office administrators about possible vacancies and employment opportunities with Caddo Parish Schools.


1. Interview on Site

2. Learn more about the schools within the Caddo School District

3. Learn about signing incentives for the 2009-2010 school year

4. Meet and visit with representatives from the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and Sci-Port Discovery Center

Please bring a current resume’, teaching certificate or evidence of certification eligibility with you when you come. You can pick up an application the school board, call (318) 603-7200 to have one sent to you, or get one at the event.

  • For additional information, please call Sherry Stanford, at (318) 603-7200 or go to

EVENT ALERTs: Thursday = Bowling, Poetry + The Weekend = Fashion, Entertainment

As April becomes May there are a few events to keep you busy going into the weekend. Check them out:

TONIGHT: (Thursday)

The Alphas will be hosting the College Neon Bowling Party at Pinz/Funny Bone. Come out and support the Alphas (and hear some great music, courtesy of Fatha Flow). 18 to enter, 21 to drink. $10 admission ... The fun starts at 10 pm!

  • Also, tonight, don't forget about Poetic Paradise, 7 pm at H&H Lounge (Check the Flyer Bin at the bottom of the page for more info).


LADIES!!! Looking to add some pieces to your Spring/Summer wardrobe but don't have much cash?

Well, T-Shemise has an event just for you (and anyone who loves fashionable events).

A FASHION SWAP is being held at the T-Shemise Studio this Saturday, May 2nd. The event allows fashionable young people to bring gently-used items from their closet to trade with others. So you could leave with a few new outfits! :)

Admission is FREE and this Sex-and-the-City style event will feature FREE COSMOS and other perks (like a make-up bar and free styling tips!).

  • For more information on the event, go HERE (at the website you can also find info on this summer's STYLE CAMP for fashionistas-in-training!).

The studio is located at 1545 Line Avenue, Suite 209 .. The fun starts at 7 pm ... So bring your girls and your items and come have a good time! :)


  • Go HERE to get details on these and other events.

PLUS ....

Don't forget that the Alphas are wrapping up their WEEK with two big events ... ALPHA IDOL and THE CHILL FACTOR.

Alpha Idol will be held at the Kilpatrick Auditorium on Centenary's campus on Friday night ... and The Chill Factor goes down at Adam's Lounge in Bossier City on Saturday night ... Go HERE for more information.

HEADLINES: The Swine Flu, the Presidential Report Card & More Top Stories

I've been slacking on the headlines lately ... and I apologize :)

With so many news items each day, I kind of compiled them all, but never got to post them ... if you want to see all the stuff you missed (cuz I didn't post them) .. go HERE.

Of course you know (unless you've been under a rock somewhere), the SWINE FLU is the biggest story of the week. The outbreak started outside of the U.S. but has now claimed American lives and made MANY sick. The scare has even shut down schools in East Texas and South Louisiana.

Find out more about the swine flu HERE. Also, check the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website to get the latest on the story.

Now here's a look at what's been making news in the past week:

PREZ REPORT: Obama's First 100 Days Gets Graded by CNN's Political Team, and then America Grades Him ... (check out ALL the stories on the First 100 Days HERE, including a comparison between Obama the Candidate and Obama the President).

GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Jindal receives mostly positive results

EQUAL RIGHTS: Rep Barbara Norton Pushing Bill to Give Women Equal Pay

PAY UP: Shreveport City Councilman Ordered to Pay Damages in Civil Case

CRIME WATCH: Chief Whitehorn considering gun registry to deter crime

NO CAMS: City Council Downs Red Light Cameras in Vote

AT WORK: Louisiana Lawmakers Begin 2009 Legislative Session

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Work on I-20 in Bossier has begun ... Will continue for months!

BUDGET WOES: Cuts in the state budget could spell trouble for public education

COMPANY CUTS: GM to Slash 21,000 Jobs & Phase Out Pontiac

NFL BOUND: LSU's Demetrius Byrd Drafted (Plus other players) ... also check out CNN's break-down of Draft picks for all the NFL teams

LEGENDARY LOSS: "Golden Girl" Bea Arthur Dies at 86 {in case you hadn't heard :(}

JAZZ FEST: CNN Highlights the Spirit of New Orleans as Jazz Fest takes over the Crescent City

Other stories of interest:

  • The cost of higher education has a lot of students swiping credit cards ... see how this could be hurting them HERE.

  • Ice-T (of all people) discusses the State of Hip Hop ... go HERE to check it out

  • Holiday in Dixie '09 is over ... but you can still check out pics from the festival HERE.

  • The local grad chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho has debuted some lovely young ladies. See the pics HERE.

  • The upcoming Katfish & Kocktails event will benefit VYJ (Volunteers for Youth Justice) ... get the details HERE.

Wednesday, April 29

OBAMA WATCH: The First 100 Days

Caddo Parish students aren't the only ones getting a progress report today .... President Barack Obama will be in the hot seat (more than usual) as media, analysts and naysayers make special efforts to dissect his first 100 days in office.

Where did this "First 100 Days" idea come from? Well, my research found that it dates all the way back to the Post-Depression 1930's. (Click HERE to learn more)

When FDR took office in March 1933, he promised American a lot and said it would get accomplished in 100 Days. Ever since then, Presidents have been trying to accomplish the same goal -- get their campaign promises and other agendas out in the public early in their term ... with the hope of getting America behind them ...

And thus is the struggle of President Barack Obama ... Here's more from his adminstration via e-mail:

Today (4.29) will mark the President's hundredth day in office. A lot of attention will be given to this largely symbolic day, and the truth is that what we do every day after it will be just as important -- if not more.

But our accomplishments in this time have been remarkable, and they're having real effects on people and communities throughout the country.

You built the movement that made this possible, and it's up to you to show Americans that real change can happen when ordinary citizens work together.

Explore this interactive map to learn about the progress we've made in the last 100 days and the stories of real Americans whose lives have already been touched. Then spread the word by passing it along to your friends and family.

With the country in crisis, the President took office and acted quickly to restore confidence and stability to our economy. But just as important were the steps we've taken toward building a new foundation for our prosperity, so that we never go back to the system that led us to crisis in the first place.

In just one hundred days, we've made crucial investments to create jobs and improve education, energy, and health care. All of this is a down payment for a new economic vision -- one where skilled workers fuel our economy rather than debt and speculation; one where American leadership on clean energy fuels 21st century innovation; and one where families and businesses are no longer weighed down by crushing health care costs. Delivering on the promise of change is the reason we built this movement.

Now, President Obama is counting on all of us to build support for this foundation and create a lasting recovery for America.Take a look now at these critical first steps we've taken together and pass it on for others to see:

This new direction would not have been possible without you. But our biggest tests are yet to come, and the future is ours to shape. Let's seize this moment together so history will show that, at this defining crossroads, a generation of Americans put their country on the path to long-term security and prosperity.

I received that e-mail last night and several other e-mails in the past week about voting for the President's progress on media sites ... and tomorrow we'll see what everyone in America (especially the media) thinks of the President thus far.

So before you log on to the sites or glue yourself to cable news networks ... check out: The results of MSNBC's poll HERE and CNN's site dedicated to the Obama's First 100 Days HERE.

And make it a topic of conversation (civil conversation) over the next few days. The country and our President still need our support ... especially in these rough times.


Tuesday, April 28

EVENT ALERTs: Health Seminar & City Job Fair

Health & Safety Seminar Offered by Community Center

Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation's Chris Hays Community Center will have "In Touch with My Health and Safety" from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Thursday (April 30th).

The center is located at 4300 Illinois Ave. in Shreveport. The event is free and open to the public.

Catherine Robinson, of the LSU AgCenter, will speak on "You Are What You Eat." Cpl. Meosha Deal, of the Shreveport Police Department, will speak on "Practicing Safety in Times Like These." Nick Robberson, SPAR superintendent, will speak on "The Importance of Physical Fitness."

  • For more information, call Preston Edwards, center manager, or Shelia Issac, recreation specialist, at (318) 673-7814.

SPAR to Hold First Job Fair

Shreveport Public Assembly and Recreation (SPAR) will hold its first job fair from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday at Valencia Park Community Center, 1800 Viking Drive (near Magnet High School).

The fair is for all job seekers, from high school to senior citizens. A variety of employers, including casinos, banks, medical centers, grocery stores, Goodwill, FedEx and the city of Shreveport, will participate. Job seekers should bring copies of their resumes.

  • For more information call (318) 673-6433 or (318) 866-0770.

Monday, April 27

ITEM: Help a Young Man Achieve, Eat at Mickey D's!

A CMM student needs your help to further his education ... and all you have to do is eat at Mickey D's!

Okay so maybe it's not THAT simple -- :)

Quontavius Dowell (pictured above) has been accepted to Duke University's TIP (Talent Identification Program) ... but as anyone who has pursued higher education knows, the cost is high!

SOOOO ... participating (Griggs) McDonald's Restaurants are helping Quontavius out.

If you make a purchase at the locations listed on the flyer above (and below), between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm ... Today, Tuesday and Wednesday ... a portion of the purchase will help Quontavius with his expenses for this amazing program.

The participating locations are at: Greenwood Road, Pines Road, Kings Highway, Linwood at Bert Kouns, Bert Kouns/Tinseltown, Youree Drive and Line Ave.

Help a little brotha achieve and go buy some Mickey D's!!! :) -- For more information call JT at 318-617-5879.

EVENT ALERT: Alpha Week 2009

The brothers of ALPHA PHI ALPHA are doing it big this week as they celebrate their fraternity's ALPHA WEEK ...

Two chapters, two campuses (LSU-S and Centenary) ... and seven days of events ... WHEW!

The Alphas got things underway with church service on Sunday, did a community service project Monday on the LSU-S campus ... and Tonight (4.27) things continue with a movie night at Centenary's Kilpatrick Auditorium ...

Here's a look at ALL of the ALPHA WEEK events:


7:06 PM - MOVIE NIGHT @ Centenary College, Kilpatrick Auditorium


2 PM - GO TO HIGH SCHOOL, GO TO COLLEGE @ University College Prep




7:06 PM - ALPHA LOVE NIGHT @ University Court Apartments Clubhouse (LSUS Campus)


3:30 PM - MENTORING THE KIDS @ VOA (Scott Street Apartments in Bossier City)

10 PM - COLLEGE BOWLING NIGHT @ The Funny Bone Bowling Complex on The Boardwalk


7:06 PM - ALPHA IDOL @ Centenary Campus (Kilpatrick Auditorium)


10 PM - CHILL PHACTOR @ Adam's Lounge (Grown & Sexy Mixer/Party for the MATURE ONLY)


Saturday, April 25

message from mahogani ...

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me. Promoting this blog is actually taking away from me WRITING the blog (lol) but I'm enlisting some help and soon I'll be back on track.

Last week I started doing events photography full force ... and you can see the results at my new online album (for all my event photos) at (I'll put that on the sidebar soon).

I have pics from the SUSLA FESTIVAL OF ARTS, the COLLEGE NEON BOWLING NIGHT, the 2ND ANNUAL PORT CITY GREEK EXPLOSION ... and more! So check it out!

I'm also now a freelance photographer (I've been a commercial/retail one for over a year now) ... so if you need photos done (on location) for any occasion (or just to show off) .. e-mail me at You can see examples of my photography HERE.

As far as ATSBC goes ... It's a quiet weekend on the homefront (even though GSU's Springfest is this week, as well as SUSLA's), so I'll be back on track next week ... but until then ...

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, there are a bunch of new movies to check out: Fighting starring Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard, The Soloist starring Jamie Foxx, and Obsessed starring Beyonce & Idris Elba ...

And don't forget!
Holiday In Dixie is still in town and this is the LAST weekend for it. Also, check our EVENTS PAGE for other goings ons :)

See ya next week!

- m

Wednesday, April 22


As one of my New Year's resolutions, I made a promise to do more to Go Green and save the Earth. If you've ever watched a news piece or documentary on how robbing the Earth of its resources will leave us in peril before our kids grow up, then you need to check it out. Just Google "Going Green" or "Save The Earth" and you get lots of great information and tips to help save the Earth.

And what better day than today -- EARTH DAY -- than to start putting some of these tips to work!!!! Check 'em out:


KILL PHANTOM POWER - Even when most household appliances are turned off, their standby modes continue to suck power that wastes electricity and increases your electric bill. The worst offenders are cell phone chargers, where only 5% of the power they draw is used to charge your phone, while the other 95% is wasted when left plugged in.

What to do? Unplug your cell phone charger when you aren't using it, and plug all of your big appliances (especially TV's and home entertainment equipment) into an easy-to-reach power strip that you can turn off when you aren't using them.

TV's and VCR's in standby mode waste an estimated $1 billion dollars in electricity each year, but if one million households halved their phantom power load, we'd eliminate 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. Also, Replace aging appliances with energy-efficient ones.

Turn off computers, televisions, CD players, and other electronic devices when they won't be used for at least half an hour.

REPLACE A LIGHTBULB - If one million homes replaced four of their traditional incandescent bulbs with Energy-Star approved compact fluorescent bulbs (the ones that look like soft-serve ice cream cones), 900,000 tons of greenhouse gasses would be eliminated, and people would save approximately $30 to $50 dollars in electricity over the life of the bulb for each bulb they replace.

THE RUNNING FAUCET - Do you leave the water running while you brush your teeth for 2 minutes? Then nearly ten gallons of water just slid down the drain. Remember, you PAY for that! Now, think about saving water when you shave, wash dishes, do laundry, water the lawn, wash the car, hose off the sidewalks.... avoid sending water and $$$ down the drain.

IDLE TIME - Ever wonder if you should leave the car running while you wait for the kids to be dismissed from school? Leave it on if you'll be there less than a minute, otherwise it's more efficient to turn it off and restart it when you're ready to go.

TURN DOWN THE HEAT - Not just the furnace, but the water heater too -- set it at 130 to 140 degrees. Turn the setting to low or off when you leave for the weekend or for a long vacation, then put a note on your bathroom mirror so you'll remember to turn it up when you return.

KEEPING IT CLEAN - Washers can use more than 50 gallons of water per load, so avoid washing a lot of small loads whenever possible. Also, be sure to choose the lowest level of water needed for each load, use warm water instead of hot, and set the rinse cycle to use cold water.

COLD FOOD - Refrigerator temperatures should be set at about 40 degrees, give or take a degree or two. Freezer temps between 0 and 5 degrees are just right. Colder settings waste energy and won't help food.

SNIP SIX-PACK RINGS - Those innocent looking soft plasting holders for soft drink cans and other products can entangle birds, fish, and small animals. Snip apart each ring before throwing it in the trash, or inquire whether they can be recycled locally.

GET A CHARGE OUT OF IT - Never throw spent batteries in the trash. They contain mercury, a hazardous substance that will leak into groundwater or be burned and released into the air. Don't go there. Either switch to rechargeable batteries or collect used batteries in a shoebox out in the garage, clearly marked. Then take them to a recycling facility once or twice a year.

STYROFOAM BAD - Styrofoam Lasts a Really, Really, REALLY long time - Try 500 years. Or more. Think about millions of burger boxes, packing peanuts, and take-out containers, sitting in landfills, not biodegrading. Then buy eggs in cardboard, rather than styrofoam, containers.

OFFICE PAPER - Does your office recycle? Chances are it generates a vast amount of clean paper waste. Ask your building management about recycling programs. If none are in place, then put boxes (marked "Recycled Paper Only") under every desk and next to copiers. Arrange to have a recycler pick them up or take them to a recycling facility periodically.

USE CLOTH - Carry cloth shopping bags. Use rags or towels instead of paper towels for cleaning. And yes -- consider using cloth diapers for your baby at least some of the time. (Not convinced? Read this diaper essay from About's Environmental Guide).

REUSEABLE AND UNBLEACHED - Store food in bowls or Tupperware that can be reused endlessly. Use unbleached coffee filters (not bleached). Use more waxed paper that is biodegradable (instead of foil and plastic wrap).

RECYCLE PAPER - Newspapers, junk mail, office papers, corrugated boxes, and paper bags are just a few of the items that can be recycled. Use local recycling facilities or call local authorities to learn about recycling options.

RECYCLE GLASS, PLASTIC AND CANS - Get your local recycling requirements for these items and recycle every them every day. Collect cans and bottles when you travel, when you picnic, or eat a drive-ins. Recycle what you can.

PAINT TIPS - Oil based paints are toxic. They cannot be thrown out in the trash, but require special "hazardous waste" handling available at most recycling facilities. Call for instructions and collection dates. Use latex paint instead. To dispose of excess latex paint, leave the can uncovered to allow evaporation, then pull out the hardened paint and recycle the can. Never pour paint on the ground or wash brushes outside, as the runoff can contaminate groundwater.

BAG LADY - Recycle both paper and plastic shopping bags. Decline bags for smaller purchases such as stamps, greeting cards, etc. Or, better still, carry a lightweight cloth or string bag.

ARBOR DAY - Here's the best idea of all: Plant a tree, or two, or even three. They're beautiful, they provide shade, consume CO2 (that's good), and they produce oxygen. Breathe it in. Then go plant a tree.

u>TUNE UP YOUR HOME - Caulk around windows and doors; clean your heating and air conditioning system to improve operating efficiency; insulate attics and crawl spaces.

LOBBY YOUR HOTEL - In a given year, a single hotel room uses more than 80,000 gallons of water and generates 5 tons of garbage. Given that there are approximately 3.3 million hotel rooms in the U.S., hotels generate a lot of waste, and that's not even counting the near-continual use of air conditioning in every room. How do we do our part? Many hotels now offer guests the option to use one set of linens and towels during their stay. If one million people used just one set of linens for a week, it would save 1.5 million gallons of water

These are some GREAT tips ... and there were a LOT of them!!!

I find myself checking every container, bottle and bag to see that recycling sign (above). Anything with that sign can be put in those brand new blue recycling bins the city has provided.

I live in an apartment complex, so we don't have recycling bins (YET) but I take my stuff over to my parents' house (they don't use it, so I do). Glass and plastic containers, newspaper, aluminum (soda cans, foil and soup cans) and cardboard (toilet paper and paper towel rolls but not pizza boxes) are among the things you can send to the landfill for recycling.

Some grocery stores (like Brookshire's, Super 1 or Wal-Mart) now have bins for you to bring those plastic bags for recycling. You can also buy RESUABLE shopping bags at mostly ANY store (including retail stores) for only $1 each. If you buy in bulk, get a bunch and keep them in your vehicle for future shopping trips :)

I also make sure to turn my thermostat off when I'm not at home and put it on 75 when I am. I can't really get with that lightbulb thing yet but I'm working my way into Green life slowly but surely. JOIN ME!!! :)

  • For more tips on Going Green, go HERE ...

*** Save the Earth, not just for you but for your family's future! :)

Speaking of which, to get the KIDS involved in Earth Day, check out some local events dedicated to saving Mother Earth ...

... and NICKELODEON is celebrating this big day with the Big Green Help, asking ALL kids to power down (turn off) everything in their homes from 8-9 pm (CST). Go HERE to get more info.

Monday, April 20

EVENT ALERTs: Thea Vidale, The Four Tops Hit Bossier City Stages

I mentioned in a previous blog that comedian (and former TV star) THEA VIDALE would be in the SBC this week. She's doing a five-day gig at the Funny Bone inside the Boardwalk ... go HERE to see the details (and get tickets).

Now here's some new info ...

On her FIRST night at the Funny Bone, this WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22nd, Thea will be joined by local favorite ALI (of BET's Comic View, and recently on the Def Comedy Jam Finale ), plus another comedian named Touche.

This night only, you get THREE amazing comedians ... or only $10!!! They're calling it WILD OUT WEDNESDAYS with Ali. So check it out ... (See showtimes for other nights HERE).

Here's a sample of Thea's stand-up: (if you can't see it click HERE)

And here's ALI: (click HERE if you can't see it)


Across the way, at DiamondJack Casino's LEGENDS THEATER, the legendary FOUR TOPS will be performing on this SATURDAY, APRIL 25th ...

The Four Tops’ story is one of longevity and togetherness: these classic hitmakers are considered the most stable and consistent vocal group to emerge from Motown records in the 60s. Over four decades they've recorded 36 albums and made countless hits, i;ncluding: “I Can’t Help Myself, (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),” "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" and “Reach Out I’ll be There.”

The Four Top’s repertoire includes doo-wop, jazz, soul music, R&B, disco, adult contemporary and show tunes. This year they received the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement award and have also been inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (among other amazing recognitions).

Last year the group lost original member Levi Stubbs. Stubbs passed away in October of 2008. The only original surviving member from the original hit group is Abdul "Duke" Fakir.

Tickets for Saturday night's show are $35 General Admission/$10 discount for Rewards Club members. You can purchase your ticket at the Casino Gift Shop by calling (318)678-7777 or (866) 5JAXMAX. You must be 21 years of age to attend.

EVENT PICS: College Night/Neon Bowling Party

When I was in high school, even as a freshman, the bowling alley was one of the places to be on the weekends (the other places being the MALL and the skating rink). And now it seems the lanes are calling to crowd of a different age -- collegiates.

For the past month or so, COLLEGE LIFE ENTERTAINMENT and FATHA FLOW have been packing the co-eds in at PINZ Bowling Alley (which is a part of the Funny Bone /Encore Entertainment Complex).

Each Thursday a college group (mostly fraternities and sororities) host a party night and every comes out to eat, drink, bowl and drink (yes, I said drink twice lol).

I went out last Thursday (4.16.09) to check out the new college night spot .... as my sorors (the Zetas) from LSUS hosted the night ...

Even though PINZ has been around since the Boardwalk first opened back in 2005, this was my first time being inside and it's actually really nice! Part sports bar, part pool hall and part bowling alley -- it has a little something for everyone.

There are big projector-screen TV's everywhere (including the lanes) and the Funny Bone is right next door, as is a patio where you can sit, drink and enjoy the night air.

Aside from the expenses (it's $10 admission and bowling costs $7 per person or $21 for a team .. PLUS the cost of drinks! :), it really is a cool place to chill ...

And even though it's not a CLUB persay, FATHA FLOW (pictured above) kept the hits coming throughout the night and eventually the open space in the buliding became a makeshift dance floor ... even the Greeks got their strut on in between the sofas, tables and chairs ... EVERYONE had a blast! Including me :)

Shout out to my LSU-S sorors and FATHA FLOW for an awesome event. Remember, it happens EVERY Thursday, starting at 10 pm. 18 to party, 21 to drink ....

  • To see ALL my pics from Thursday night, go HERE or check out the slideshow in the Flyer Bin at the bottom of the blog.

EVENT PICS/ALERT: SUSLA Festival of the Arts & Springfest

Southern University of Shreveport is having a busy Spring season when it comes to events ...

Last week they celebrated the arts with a 3-day festival. The Festival of the Arts honored local business owners and artists who are contributing to the art world with fashion, film, poetry, song and more.

Featured speakers include Tiffany Walker (founder/owner of T-Shemise Couture), dancer/choreographer Roshanda Spears, and writer/actor/filmmaker Dui Jarrod.

I attended two days of the festival. Thursday, April 16th was dedicated to poetry:

Spoken word/poetry group iNception inc. (pictured above, top) performed some pieces. I got the chance to see one of my favorite local poets, SOUTHERN POET (pictured above, bottom) ... and POETIC X (who wasn't originally on the program) got on the mic as well. The Godstar Poetry Team was supposed to perform as well but didn't show. (yeah i said it! lol)

On Friday, April 17th, there was a Music Fest featuring some local acts (like the SUSLA Gospel Choir, pictured above); plus visitors got the chance to check out some local vendors.

Also there to entertain the crowd was rapper REMIX (pictured above). You'd think he'd get up and start spitting east-coast hip hop, but his lyrics are based on good values and a love for God. Yes, a Christian RAPPER! ... I was pleasantly surprised.

If you haven't heard him before, check out his MySpace Page HERE.

In the vendors area, Nubian Express Books had an impressive display of African-American literature. Their store is located at 3814 Linwood Avenue. (You can call them at 318-635-7505).

Joanna Ballard (above) was also there as well with some of her handmade jewelry and story books. Check her out at

And artist Connie Stephens was there with her display (all pictured above) of Creations By Connie. I LOVED her pieces. She told me she also does centerpieces and floral designs for weddings. (You can contact her at 318-617-6748).

  • To see ALL the photos from the SUSLA Festival of the Arts, go HERE.


The Jags will be hosting their annual SPRINGFEST starting today, April 20th and continuing until next Monday, April 27th. Here is the list of planned events for the week:

Monday, April 20th - 10 am @ SUSLA Gym

  • Dr. Howard Gipson will share some fun financial advice. After the presentation, $300 will be up for grab in the money machine! PLUS there will be FREE food and drinks!

Tuesday, April 21st - 11 am @ Student Activities Office

  • Come join the SUSLA Amazing Race! Clues will be hidden all over campus as participants make a dash for $200 in cash! Sign-up in the S.A. Office beginning at 11 am. The office located upstairs in the Administration building. Dress comfortabley!

Wednesday, April 22nd - 11 am @ Gym Concession Stand

  • Come get a positive message from motivational speaker John Girton. There will sub sandwiches and nachos!

Thursday, April 23rd - 9 am to 3 pm (SGA Elections will be held)

Friday, April 24th @ 11 am (on campus)

  • A fun day is planned with events like the QB Blitz, Full Court Press, and other games. There will also be a gigantic slip and slide! All that PLUS food and drinks and a guest appearance by 103.7 Tha Beat's FATHA FLOW ... AND the Jaguar Modeling Troupe.

Monday, April 27th (TBA)

  • There will be a POWER PARTY featuring Keith Brown

*** For more details about SUSLA's Spring Fest events, contact Dr. Melva Turner at or call the SGA Office at 670-6433 ***

Thursday, April 16

EVENT ALERTS: The Weekend = Performances and Parties for Everyone! :)

This weekend of entertainment/nightlife is almost as busy as the last .. you can enjoy some live music and dance or get ya party on ... here's what's going on the SBC this weekend ...


On FRIDAY night, students of the YAZZY Program will be hitting the stage of the Strand for their annual youth performance/fundraiser.
The group will present "Showtime at the Apollo", with a salute to James Brown and Etta James. Guest artists will include Dorsey Summerfield, Devin Phillips, and Michael Ward.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for youth, and $10 for senior citizens. Go to for more information on the show.

YAZZY is a collaborative effort of The Theatre of Performing Arts of Shreveport and the Caddo Parish Public Schools System. Through 12 workshops each year, the program encourages talented young people to explore educational and vocational avenues to productive and profitable creative careers, allowing local youth an opportunity to talk with renowned professional artists and to practice and perform on stage with them.


YOUNG JEEZY will be on stage at KoKoPellis Friday night. If I'm right, the last time he was scheduled to perform there, it didn't quite work out (and made the news), but lets hope thiings turn out better this time ...
Tickets are $40 IN ADVANCE. (Yeah, that means they are more at to door) ... Ticket locations are: Lil' J's Superstore, The Source (in Pierre Bossier Mall), and National Jewelry and Loan.

Next door, on the same night, CLUB NEW YORK will be offering something I haven't seen here in a while ... A Reggae Night!
PARTY PUSHAZ will be on the 1's and 2's giving the growd a Jamaican vibe ... with dance hall, reggae, hip hop and R&B music. Doors open at 9 pm .... (This should be interesting).


As I posted earlier, the LARGEST step show in the SBC is returning to the Municipal Auditorium this Saturday night.
The 2nd Annual Port City Greek Explosion kicks off at 7 pm. Along with a competition featuring the hottest step teams in the area, there will be LIVE entertainment for the crowd to enjoy. (and I'll be there judging!)
Tickets are $10 in advance and are going fast! For More Info on Tickets (or the show), Call: 318-458-5235

  • And check my previous blog for details on WHO will be hitting the stage.


Across the river, a fashion launch party for the thickalicious divas of the SBC ...

Up and coming fashion and modeling agency II FIERCE DIVA will host its official launch party this Saturday at the Ramada Inn in Bossier City.
103.7 Tha Beat's FATHA FLOW will be hosting. It will be a night of fashionable fun and networking, so any fashion savvy friend should be in the building!
Doors open at 9 pm. Tickets are $7 in advance ($10 at the door). You can get them at JJ's Super Store or by calling Shay at (318) 617-3346.

Also in Bossier City, don't forget SOPHISTICATED SATURDAYS at Adam's Lounge. Doors open at 9 pm. Must have VALID ID ... DJ Marle-Mar will be on the mic/turntables at this grown and sexy weekly event ... so dress up and show up!!

*** And be sure to check out our WEEKLY EVENT PAGE where u can see ALL of the events happening this week/weekend, including the Holiday In Dixie kickoff this Friday!!! ***

Tuesday, April 14

EVENT ALERT: 2nd Annual Port City Greek Explosion

Last year around this time, the building wasn't big enough for the Port City Greek Explosion (take a look back HERE) ... and event organizers are expecting the same kind of turnout this time around.

This Saturday, APRIL 18th, JR Entertainment will host the 2nd ANNUAL PORT CITY GREEK EXPLOSION at the Municipal Auditorium.

Hitting the stage that night will be step teams representing ZETA PHI BETA, PHI BETA SIGMA, ALPHA PHI ALPHA and OMEGA PSI PHI ...

There will be awards for best sorority performance, best fraternity performance and best OVERALL performance .. so there's a greater chance for more teams to take home some money :)

Hosting the event will be FOX RICH (who used to host her own talent show that was taped and broadcast right here in Shreveport).

Also performing -- Singer JULES, a Shreveport native who won the Apollo Amateur Night several times, and some local dance groups.

So as you can see this will be a SERIOUS night of entertainment. Not to mention the after party immediately following the show.

Now, I know you want the pertinent information so here it goes:

  • The event begins at 7 pm and (with the after party) lasts until 2 am.

  • Tickets are $10, available at Phazes Hair Salon (on Pines Rd.) and Swaggar Clothing (1716 Kings Hwy).

  • You can also get tickets by e-mailing me at or calling the event organizer at (318) 458-5235.

  • Tickets will be $15 at the door, so save yourself $5 bucks and buy tickets NOW!

  • Yes, the ticket includes the after party :)

Oh, by the way -- I'm judging the event :) So look for me at the Judges Table. And I promise not to be biased in my judging ... LOL ..

I'll see you Saturday night and STAY TUNED TO THIS BLOG ON THURSDAY for more WEEKEND EVENTS!!!

EVENT ALERT: SUSLA Festival of the Arts

Lots of festivals will be held this season, but none are as rich in LOCAL culture as Southern University of Shreveport's Festival of the Arts.

Starting Wednesday, SUSLA will present a host of local artists, who are all contributing their art to our community ... in their own way.

The three-day festival is packed with events to bring artists and arts-lovers together ... check 'em out:


10 am - Kick-Off/Session One @ Jessie N. Stone Lecture Hall

Dedication to SU System Board of Supervisors Past and Present; SUSLA Spirit Squad Dancers; Video Presentation by Dr. Joseph Orban

11 am - Session Two @ Jessie N. Stone Lecture Hall

Speakers: Connie Stephens, Owner of Creations by Connie; Tiffany Walker, Owner and Designer of T-Shemise Fashion Group; plus photography Displays in the foyer


10 am - Poetry Day w/ Featured Poetry/Spoken Word Groups @ SUSLA Health and Physical Education Complex

Featuring: Godstar Poetry Team, The Grip of Greater Realness Church - Roosevelt Wright, Pastor; iNception iNc., Clifford Parsons, Owner.


11 am: Celebrating the Arts through Film @ Health and Physical Education Complex

Guest Speaker: Dui Jarrod of Cloud Nine Productions

12 pm: Outdoor Music Fest @ Health and Physical Education Complex

Musical Guests include: SUSLA’s Gospel Choir, Remix (Gospel Rapper/Recording Artist), Reneesance (Neo-Soul Artist), K.P. (Rapper/Recording Artist)

Vendors include: Creations by Connie, Nubian Express Books, VIP Entertainment, Order of Eastern Star, Upsilon Gamma Chapter Zeta Phi Beta Inc. Sorority, Shreveport INK Tattoo & Piercings, Diversecity Custom Clothing, J. Brown Photography, Robert Wright Photography, Joanna Ballard-Storyteller & Artist, iNception iNc, Cloud Nine Production, LSUS Recruitment, and Southern University Baton Rouge Recruitment

  • For more information on the Festival ... Contact Chairperson Kimberly Pickens at /(318) 670-6254 ... or Co-Chair Joslin Pickens at /(318) 670-0310.

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