Wednesday, April 30

Fiddy's Filming In The SBC & They're Casting Stereotypes ..

If I wouldn't have seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it.

No I'm not talking about 50 Cent's new slim and trim body (Ladies, the buffness is no more, so now he truly looks like a brotha named Curtis) ...

I was checking the Louisiana Movies blog written by a Shreveport Times writer and saw a posting for a casting call for the movie formerly known as Microwave Park and now known as Streets of Blood, starring none other than Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (oh yeah and Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone, too lol).

Now, I'm always sharing casting calls for those interested in making a few extra bucks (and learning how a movie is done) but this one ... I must question ... and I'm kind of praying no one shows up actually WANTING these parts:

(Per Glorioso Casting, by way of Louisiana Movies Blog)

We are currently in need of the following:

Males:18-30 LATINO Gangmember Types (Latin Kings) MUST LIVE IN OR NEAR

Females:18-30 LATINA Gangmember Types (Latin Kings) MUST LIVE IN OR NEAR SHREVEPORT!

Females:18-30 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALES, Skinny Crackhead Types / These parts will work TOPLESS! and Wearing a G-String MUST LIVE IN OR NEAR SHREVEPORT!


Pictures and Contact Info ASAP to:

Working topless? "Crackhead types"? Gangmember types?

Ok am I the only one that sees something horribly, stereotypically wrong about this casting call?

What is a typical crackhead or gang member? And why must they be people of color, like Whites don't bang or hit the pipe? Excuse me but -- WTH???

I don't know ... this movie thing is great for our area, but sometimes, I just have to shake my head at the film industry itself as far as what they put on the screen.

According to, the plot of the movie is as follows:

A police officer's partner has died during Hurricane Katrina, but he later discovers that his partner may have been murdered. An investigation follows, taking the officer and his new partner into the depths of the criminal underworld.

The film is set to begin shooting next week (May 6th) and they'll also be shooting in New Orleans (of course). The movie is set to be released next year.

FYI: This is 50 Cent's third feature film with more than a bit role. He has 2 more in pre-production (one features an all-star cast including: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Donnie Walhberg and John Leguizamo - set for release later this year) and 2 more in the works (a car racing movie called "Live Bet" which he'll co-produce and release later this year; and a boxing movie called "The Dance" starring Nicholas Cage ... which is also set in Louisiana and set to be released in 2010)

Now back to the issue at hand ... this crazy casting call!

The same company that is putting this film together, Millenium Films, is the same one that just broke ground on a film studio in Ledbetter Heights. Maybe they think building in the hood gives them a pass ... ya think?

I mean, if you don't mind being a stereotype, then I guess "get that money."

I'm hoping to get hired at that studio when it opens. A sista wants to be BEHIND the camera to change some of these images I see on screen ... like the ones being cast for that movie.

I just hope they're not looking to hire gangsta types then.

- mahogani/2008

Monday, April 28

Party Pics: J. Morgan/VIP Celebrate the 80s, CrowdPleaser Caters to the Grown & Sexy

Hello All! Hope everyone had a great weekend!?

Ya girl got her party on for the 2nd weekend in a row and I'm quickly realizing I'm too old for this ish! LOL ...

I found myself at the Full Moon this past Saturday (4/26) for not one but TWO parties in the same building...

J. Morgan/VIP Ent. hosted an 80s party on the top level (my personal fav) ... It was also a birthday celebration for Tifani Jai (pictured below in the skirt).

Not only did the event bring out fashions that should definitely be left in the 80s but it was crazy to see people who were BABIES in the 80s pull off some very throwback outfits ... (see other pics below lol) ...

The crowd was decent upstairs ... but the flyer mentioned DJ Jazzy Jeff would be on the 1s and 2s and if I'm correct it was Doc Cooley (again) playing pretty much the same thing I heard the weekend prior.

I was expecting way more 80s music and I think I got about 4 cuts the whole night (and I got there at 10 and was there till about 1 am) ... So I was kind of disappointed to see 80s-dressed partygoers dancing to current hits ...

Where was the MC Lyte? JJ Fad? Run DMC (who's tee I was sporting in black, as was Tifani in white) ... Where was the Michael Jackson??? Ah well ... at least the crowd and fashions entertained me ... Take a look ...

See! Even SHE knows MJ was the ish back then!

They get my vote for best outfit ....

Neon colors were popular that night ....

Interesting "Flashdance" look ... Very Olivia Newton-John ...

Work It Girl!!!


DJ Marle-Mar was pleasing the crowd of Grown and Sexy folks who turned out for the "Cheers 2 U" Party ...

There was also a birthday girl on the bottom level celebrating her 50th birthday so the music was a little old school ... but the place was still packed ...

And can someone tell me who this Vanilla chick is? I've seen her at FMB more than one weekend and she's always getting her groove on ... The girl knows Webbie songs better than some Sistaz lol .. (like me) ...

Both parties were pretty successful ... And the drinks were GOOOOOOD .. but I wasn't moved enough to stay on the floor all night like last weekend ... but hey ... I can't have it all! LOL ... If you went leave some feedback on the events ...

May I add one thing though ... why the heck did the upstairs DJ tell anyone 21 and under to leave the club? What kind of utter foolishness was that? LOL ... The FMB is known for not checking IDs (mine was checked for the first time since I've gone there) but to announce the cops are on the way and to scurry is just ghetto non-fab ... I'm just sayin ...


CrowdPleaser Entertainment's next event is coming up the weekend after next ... on Saturday, May 10th (at the Full Moon) ... The WHITE EXTRAVAGANZA ...

So get your outfits together ... that one is going to be niiiiice ...

peace! - m
[Pics courtesy VIP Entertainment ... for more pics, go to]

Thursday, April 24

The Funny Bone Settles In Its New Home; Vince Morris Takes the Stage

For those of you who don't know (and have been living in a cave for the past month), the seldom attended Funny Bone (formerly in the Red River Entertainment District) has now relocated across the river to the Louisiana Boardwalk.

In case you missed it (because you were more interested in shopping than splitting your sides), it's now right below RWB Nightclub (formerly known as Saddle Ridge). Did you get all that? (lol)

The Funny Bone's brand new location includes a lot more space, plus a few pool tables AND they've taken over the bowling alley (Pinz) adjacent to the club ... so now that the sun is shining and the pollen has cleared, it's a good time to get in a game, a show and sip a drink on the patio (that almost rhymed! lol) ...

They've even got specials going on all week long:

On stage this weekend (and for the past two nights) is funnyman Vince Morris.

You may have seen him on the tube on networks like Comedy Central (Premium Blend), BET (Comic View), or HBO (Def Comedy Jam, Sex and the City); and he's appeared at comedy shows and festivals from L.A. to Montreal.
An Ohio native, Morris is credited for being a unique comic who delivers passionate views on topics like race, family, relationships and self-respect. His material may be considered somewhat controversial but it is also called "thought-provoking."

Catch Morris on the Funny Bone stage through Sunday, April 27th. Click here for show and ticket information.

For more information on Vince Morris the man check out his MySpace Page or go to


Tuesday, April 22

BAM Casting Needs Extras ... Lots of Them!

BAM CASTING needs Extras for two films shooting soon in the SBC. Take a look and contact them to make that money!

(Check out my blog on A Day In The Life of an Extra to get the skinny on the process!)

BAM CASTING IS Seeking extras 18 years and older all races and ethnicities for the movie Goodie Two Shoes, which will start filming April 28th in Shreveport.

Extras needed in Particular:
marching band members, hip hop dancers, little people, cowboys, male and female models, playmates, college students We are Also Looking for Celebrity Look-alikes for: Miranda and Charlotte from "Sex and the City," Kanye West, Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo, Teddy Rosevelt, Steve Coogin (Octavius), Sacajawea.

If you'd like to work please send an email Include in the email a color picture of yourself, your contact number with area code, your height, weight and race.

BAM CASTING IS ALSO Seeking extras 18 years and older all races and ethnicities for the biopic film "W"(about President George W. Bush), which starts filming May 12th in Shreveport and will be directed by Oliver Stone (starring Josh Brolin).

Extras Needed In particular: college seniors, fraternity men, real reporters, oil rig men, Hispanics, cowboys and cowgirls (who know how to 2 step) and political looking types. Any one with Military experience should apply! (please specify type of experience) They are also looking for cars from the 1950s and up.

If you'd like to work please send an email Include in the email a color picture of yourself (or your car), your contact number with area code, your height, weight and race.

For more information on BAM Casting, go to

Sunday, April 20

Q.E. Celebrates 10 Years at KDKS

KDKS 102.1 hosted a Champagne Party Saturday night to celebrate the 10-year Anniversary of KDKS radio host & KDKS/KBTT Program Director Quenn Echols.

(Yeah I know how it's spelled on the marquee, but trust me ... mahogani is right lol).

The event was held at Full Moon Bistro, taking up both levels. The hundreds that attended the event got the best of both music worlds with Blues and Old School at the bottom level (shout out to Humma Lumma) and R&B and Hip Hop on the top level (shout out to Doc Cooley who had me dancing more than I have in a LONG time). Add to that lots of well-dressed people and some alcohol and you have yourself a party!

Among the partygoers were KDKS/KBTT personalities (old and now) Rockin' Roz, Domino Stone, Catdaddy, Al B., Fatha Flow, Don Gibbs, and Humma Lumma. I believe Ferrari Fox was on the job and I didn't see newlywed Bay Bay, but I'm sure he sent his luv. TalentedTouch Photography and AAMPS were also in the building taking snapshots but I took some of my own (see below). The Radio Group family and friends stopped to pose for a few pictures. Throughout the night, Quenn was surrounded by fans, co-workers, fellow radio/music people, and even his own family.

Good times! Stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE mahogani media interview with Quenn about his 10 years at KDKS and his nearly THIRTY years in radio ... including some great celebrity stories and his take on music/radio then and now ...

I'll have that on Monday (April 28th)! So check back then

Sunday, April 13

The Tax Man Cometh ... (and so does Holiday In Dixie)

Midnight Tuesday is the deadline for filing 2007 taxes. If you're mailing them, they must be postmarked April 15th ... If you're e-filing, you have until midnight to do so. (I wouldn't chance, file before 5 pm).

I filed way back in February and have already gotten my check (how much? -- that ain't cha bizness! lol) ... For those not planning to file this year ... here's a little incentive to get that turned in:

Remember that check every American is getting from the government? $600 if you're single, $1200 for married couples and $300 extra for every child?

Well, if you don't file, you get NADA! Even if you only made 600 bucks all of last year, you have to file to get the check from Washington .... I'm not playing ... I already got my letter from the government ... did you?

Checks started mailing out in May ... So make sure your taxes are FILED!!!!


Holiday in Dixie kicks off this coming weekend ... with it comes live entertainment, rides, food ... and of course that Treasure Hunt that has grown people looking crazy, driving and digging all over the Ark-La-Tex ...

I wonder if less people will hunt this year with gas prices going up again ... HMMM ... Go to for more info. on the festival.

ALSO .... (in the shameless plug category)

mahogani media is looking for a few good writers/photographers to be interns in a future publication (both online and in print) ... please e-mail me if you're interested or know someone who is ...

This is an internship (not paid) but we will provide signatures for college credit. 18 and up only. Experience preferred. Email us.

AND ...

For all you graduates, seniors, neophytes, brides-to-be, new moms, party planners or just photogenic peeps .... Listen up!

If you need pictures for your albums, walls, or special event ....

-- E-MAIL ME asap!

** Also seeking models and actors ... Let's help each other build our portfolios ... :) E-mail ME!

Photo by mahogani


Monday, April 7

Party Pics: VIP's Military Send-Off

There were parties all over the SBC this past weekend.

A Stop Light Party at the Municipal, A college party at Caliente, and of course the usual suspects (KoKo, GiGi's and now the new PlayerZ Club) had crowds for miles ...

but one special event brought out hundreds of military personnel (and their family and friends) to the Full Moon Bistreaux.

In the next month or so, hundreds of local military personnel will be leaving the country for tours overseas. So you know this Friday night party was "on and poppin.'"

Here are some party pics, courtesy of VIP Ent.

Looks like fun was had by all ...

Ok maybe not ALL lol ...
I'll keep you posted on the next VIP Event.
And if you have party/events pics or event notices to share ...

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