Tuesday, May 27

Event Alert: King of Comedy Brings Radio Show To The Port City

King of Comedy Steve Harvey is bringing his radio show to Shreveport next month.

Harvey and Nephew Tommy will be doing the show LIVE from Riverview Theater (formerly known as the Civic Theater) on Clyde Fant ... Monday, June 9th.

You don't need a ticket, it's first come first seated ... The show goes on the air EARLY at 5 a.m. so make sure you're in line to get a good seat.

Steve Harvey has gone from our favorite country-talking comedian, to a TV star, to a syndicated talk show host.

No wonder he's consider a King of Comedy ... He uses every avenue to make American (especially Black America) laugh ... and THINK.

Learn more about Steve Harvey (and his radio show) by going to ... and if you don't catch him this time around, he'll be back for a comedy show this winter (December) in Tyler, TX ... (Get more information at his site).

And catch the Steve Harvey Morning Show every weekday morning on KDKS Hot 102.1 FM.

Ups & Downs: GiGi's Upgrades + Where'd My Ryan's Go?

I spent most of my Memorial Day weekend working, but I did manage to get some playtime in :)

I trotted over to GiGi's Martini Room for the first time in months ... cuz you know holiday weekend always bring the crowd out!!!

Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed ... the young, the grown and sexy, and even the Greeks were out Saturday night ...

AND I got a look and some upgrades to the club (since my last visit) .... (GiGi's is trying to get back in the game! LOL).

The big screens are placed strategically around the club. The one over the bar showed upcoming events ... Do ya thang GiGi's ... Publicity brings Profit! LOL

Another balcony has popped up above the dance floor/DJ area. It looks like SUPER VIP because I didn't see anyone chillin' up there ... But I did see a NICE flat screen!

Might be a nice spot for a Private Party that no one can scoot up in .. hmmm .... idea!

The couches, chairs and tables near the dance floor are still there and the dance floor itself hasn't changed ... and it was PACKED Saturday night ... and Hot as Hades! I know some perms got sweated out that night! LOL

More shots near the bar ... (above) .... and the balcony that was new my last time at the club is now a comfy little living room area (below).

I didn't get up the stairs to get a closer look because it looked like a VIP situation ... and ya girl was trying to be incognegro ...

Another change is the reserved area that used to be right by the dance floor.

You may notice there's a lot more to it ... along with the usual party area at the floor level, there is now a THIRD balcony-type area with seating and a flat-screen TV for your enjoyment.

I swear, all I need is some finger foods or chicken wings, and I might not leave that spot lol ...

Fun was had by all .... I saw a lot of old friends and danced a LOT ... :)

I must give props to DJ Slim for having me dancing harder than I expected (even though he cut off the songs like an episode of TRL or 106th & Park lol ... Just when I got into it, it was over!!! C'mon Slim!!!) ...

He played soooo many songs ... I was almost impressed (J/K Slim) ...

It was a cool night ... R. Hayes even gave me props on my article on his store ... CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT .. :)


Where in da hell did my Ryan's go?

Remember Ryan's??? The ORIGINAL buffet place for after church?

Remember the one on Bert Kouns in the Southern Hills area???

Um .. it's GONE ... WTH???

No warning, no notice, just a pink piece of paper on the doors and windows saying "Store Closed, visit us at our Airline location" ...

Do they know how much gas is?

Do they know I lived right around the corner?

Do they know I'm not driving to Bossier for those rolls (I don't care how good they are!) ...

Who authorized this?

Who can I write?

WTH is going on?

I mean went completely GHOST with no warning ... Just gone. Sign gone. People gone. Just gone.

This reminds me of when I went to Denny's and found out it was gone. Y'all do a sista DIRTY ... *Sigh* .... I need a moment.

Let's have a moment of silence for the Bert Kouns Ryan's ....



Thank you
... now back to work, back to business and have a wonderful Ryan's-less week :)


Wednesday, May 21

For The Party People: Calling All BGLOs + An All White Affair & First Fridays Return

Whew, I'm excited about all the love I'm receiving with this blog, but I came back from NOLA with inboxes full of flyers ... so forgive me if I'm just now posting them all :)

Here's a look at what's coming up in the SBC:

The Nupes and The Apes are coming together in the name of BGLO entertainment.

The Pretty Cold Klassik will be held at the Municipal Auditorium. Greeks get a discount all night. Dress to Impress. 21 to drink.

I'm sure this will be a BIG night for Greeks and partygoers. Both frats usually bring a big crowd. And Thursday (when I was an undergrad) used to be the official College Night .. and with most colleges out for the Spring, I hope the building is big enough!

(Love the flyer by the way, whoever designed it lol)

Speaking of the Divine 9, Mirrored Perfection (reppin' the female promoters) is hosting an NPHC After Party on Saturday, May 24th at the Full Moon.

Doors open at 9. Admission is $5 before 10 pm and $7 after ... Dressy Casual is the suggested attire but make sure you're fly!

I believe this is the official afterparty for the NPHC Greek Picnic (don't know who that's sponsored by) being held at Bill Cockrell Park (Pines Road) from 12-7 pm on Saturday.

From what I saw on Facebook (I didn't get an invite lol) ... the daytime event will include cards, dominoes (didn't see any food though!), a 3-on-3 b-ball tourney and a step/stroll competition.

My only beef is the $8 admission ... You seriously charging me to get in a park???? Not even FORD PARK??? Greek Weekend in Lafayette (back in the day) was FREE ... all day long ... Step ya game up young'uns.

I'll be there ... taking pics from outside the gate :)

Moving On.

College Life Entertainment
is hosting its All-White College Affair this Sunday, May 25th at the Holiday Inn Ballroom (Downtown).

Of course you should wear WHITE and dress to impress (jeans, tees and rees do NOT count!!!). Expect to pay $5-10 for admission and come early for a good parking spot.

My favorite local boy SHU (I notice he's dropped the Lil') is celebrating his b-day and the release of his new album on Friday, May 30th ... at the Full Moon.

The event will be coupled with Shu's Annual Black and White party , complete with red carpet treatment and bottles poppin' all night.

Shu does it big, I already know, so get your tickets NOW. The event will be hosted by Bay Bay and DJ Love will be on the 1's and 2's (just picture KoKo moving to Texas Street :)

Tickets are available at Heart & Soul, Lil' J's, Lakeshore All Around Sounds, and Iron Horse Tattoo in Shreveport; and The Source in Pierre Bossier Mall.

Go to for more information and to preview Shu's album.

And now that the summer is almost here, get ready for the return of First Fridays. Now located at Club Tiffany's (formerly known as Game Time) on Hollywood Ave.

I'm guessing the first one will be June 6th, so get ready for that one too (Steady where u at?? LOL) ... More details to come.

Whew .... that's all for now people! Party on!!! :)

- m

Tuesday, May 20

Concert Alert: A-Ham and Silk Are Coming To The Port City

Raspy-voiced soul singer Anthony Hamilton is coming to a stage near you -- the Municipal as a matter of fact -- as part of the Sizzlin' Summer Soul Serenade.

Hamilton and one of our favorite R&B groups of the 90's, SILK, will be performing on Sunday, June 8th at the Municipal Auditorium. It's the first major act to come to the SBC for Summer '08.

This exclusive event is sponsored by VIP Entertainment and Legacy International (out of NY) and is sure to be sold out so get your tickets now!

Tickets are available at all the regular ticket outlets including: Garland's Super Sound, Lil' J's and Full Moon Bistro in Shreveport.

Tickets prices are $30 for general admission, $38 for Orchestra seats and $41 for Reserved floor seats (all prices include a $2 service charge).

You can also call VIP at (318) 828-7725 or (318) 469-2037 for (discounted) tickets or event information.

From what I hear A-Ham puts on a good show every time he comes to town (I've missed all the previous concerts, but hope to make it to this one) ... and Silk -- well it's SILK! The "Freak Me Baby" and "Meeting In My Bedroom" brothaz. Hmmm ... I might need to find a date!

Get your tickets now people ... and maybe I'll see you there! - m

Wednesday, May 14

Business Spotlight: House of Styles Caters to Every Man (and Woman)

"I’ve always been into fashion. I’ve never been a jean kind of person,” Ronald Hayes says as he prepares to put up merchandise on the shelves of his infant clothing store, House of Styles.

He was telling me something I already knew.

Having gone to the same high school, I remember Hayes being a businessman even back then; putting together a music group and acting as their manager. And a manager has to look professional right?

While other high school boys were wearing the latest urban fashion, you could find Hayes in a blazer and tie.

Hayes’ flair for fashion went beyond an effort to be more than casual. He worked in retail for the past decade, lending his love of clothing to trendy dressers like himself.

“I worked at Shoe Connection for two years, Dillard’s for two years, Giorgio’s for two years ... I have a total of 10 to 12 years in retail,” he boasts.

Most locals know Hayes from his time spent at Giorgio’s (with whom he has parted ways), but most know him as the General Manager for GiGi’s Martini Room.

You can see him any weekend night running around the club, dressed to impress.

Both management experiences, combined with his retail background, have trained him to become the businessman he is today, and have prepared him for the opportunity of a lifetime – owning his own store and debuting his very own collection.

Hayes, along with partner Malcolm Demery, had been outfitting stylish men for some time now – even boasting clientele from the NBA (like New Jersey Net and Shreveport native, Stromile Swift) and the NFL.

Hayes says most of his business came from larger cities like Houston (where his designer line is manufactured) and Dallas.

However, it was a no-brainer to open his first store in his hometown.

The House of Styles opened two months ago. It’s in a prime location for blossoming business – Youree Drive. Now that construction in the area is complete, traffic is picking up and Hayes says the word is getting out about the store.

The quaint, but modern shop carries designers like Stacy Adams, Syllables (including wide-leg slacks) and Stevnland.

“Stevnland was the first company to let me carry anything in the store,” Hayes recalls, stamping his seal of loyalty by continuing to carry the line.

The exclusive Ronald Hayes collection features neckties and blazers. The custom line also features designer suits and polo shirts.

Hayes makes it clear that men from all income levels can find something to upgrade their wardrobe at House of Styles:

“Our store has something for everyone: For the average working person or high school student we have suits starting at $100.

For the high-end man with style we have Hugo Boss, Gucci and Armani starting at $460.

For those looking for a one-of-a-kind custom tailored fit, they can get a custom suit from the Ronald Hayes Collection, starting at $675.”

Hayes continues his pitch by adding that he wants to be able to outfit the everyday working man who wants to show-off a little, as well as the professional man who needs a great suit for a special event.

House of Styles even offers discounts every third Tuesday of the month -- $100 off tailored suits and 15% off tailored shirts; plus GM employees get a 10% discount everyday.

For the ladies wondering where your designer duds are -- don’t fret. The House of Styles carries ladies shoes that can go from the board room to the Martini Room without missing a beat.

Hayes says he hopes to expand the inventory for ladies in the coming months to include handbags, accessories and dresses.

And of course the clothes at House of Styles won’t just hang on the racks waiting for you to come check them out. The store is putting their product out for the people to see.

Hayes says they participated in the Sista Big Bones Fashion Show earlier this year, and will also be featured at the Minority Business Council Mixer this month.

There are also plans to host their own fashions shows in the summer and fall; they are in talks to place items in the gift shop at Horseshoe Casino; and considerations are being made to open a store in Houston.

From retail clerk to designer and business owner. From ringing up the clothes to customizing them. It’s the kind of story you hear on TV. Yet, Ronald Hayes is actually living it – right here in Shreveport.

He went from the high school kid with a unique fashion interest to having his name emblazoned on designer suits.

It’s a fashion-lover’s dream come true. So go share in his dream by visiting House of Styles and taking a peek around the store.

Hayes embodies the motto of the store – “You don’t just shop it, you live it.”

And he wants you to live it too.

(Store Hours – 10-6 M-TH, 10-7 Fri/Sat, Closed on Sundays)

- story & photos by mahogani (c) 2008

Tuesday, May 13

Out on DVD: The Great Debaters, Mad Money

Two movies made right here in the SBC come out on DVD Tuesday, May 13th.

This means you can rent either at your love movie rental place or add it to your DVD collection by BUYING IT!!!

Most people (excluding myself) have seen at least one of these movies so there's no need to recap the plots or who starred in them. (Click the movie names if you want to find out).

I just had to give them a little promotion because I'm proud that both of them were made right here in our area.

And even though Denzel's movie didn't get the recognition it deserved, at least the people loved it and accepted it. Sometimes that's all that matters.

In other Made in the SBC News ...

, which was one of the FIRST films shot here in town some YEARS ago is finally being released straight to DVD on Tuesday, May 27th. The film stars Samuel L. Jackson (who also filmed Soul Men here earlier this year). Click here for more on The Cleaner

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
will be released next month, on June 17th. That was the movie that starred Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps, Cedric the Entertainer, and Mo'Nique (among others).

Speaking of
Soul Men (in case you cared) it will be released on October 10th of this year.

Currently filming in Shreveport is the 50 Cent/Curtis Jackson film
Streets of Blood (formerly known as Microwave Park). So be on the lookout for a celebrity sighting (and send me a pic!).

Support Hollywood South!


Monday, May 12

Party Pics: All-White Extravaganza; Party Preview: Sexy In Pink

Lyfe wasn't the only thing poppin' off this weekend. (And for the record, I wasn't at the Lyfe concert but I hear mediocre things about it ... Its a safe bet that R&B won't be coming back to KoKo anytime soon ... lol) ...

I digress.

The White Extravaganza brought out the flyest white outfits of the season Saturday night. I was half expecting to see someone wearing the same thing but no luck.

Even though the rain kept a lot of people at home (ya punks lol) ... It was still a classy affair ... and I actually DANCED! (Good job Marle-Mar ... took you long enough lol)

Speaking of Marle-Mar, here he is looking might dapper ... and doing what he does best.

The crowd got on the floor and got their Cupid Shuffle on and partygoers were pretty much on the floor thereafter.

VIP Ent. was in the building and made their way over to say hi and show ya girl some luv (back at cha) ... No word on THEIR next event but I'll keep you posted.

All-in-all, even with the thunderstorm the night wasn't a complete wash-out. Next time people, grab and umbrella and come on out (and if you come to a party and see very few people there, if you come your behind IN THERE, there will be MORE PEOPLE .. see how that works??? LOL)

In case you bought your white outfit and are ticked that you couldn't wear it. The Minority Business Council (MBC) is hosting a White Linen Affair this Saturday at the Clarion Hotel. It's only $5 and there will be a cash bar and mini fashion show.

Flashing Forward ...

If white is not your thing -- There is a Pink Party Saturday night. The Men of Royalty Sexy In Pink Bash will feature live entertainment, FOOD and door prizes. Cost is $15 for VIP and $10 for regular admission. Put your pink on and hit the Full Moon!

I won't be here this weekend so take some pictures for me! Party on people!!! :)


Sunday, May 4

CONCERT WATCH: Alicia, The Roots, Essence and More ...

It's almost summer and time for an update on upcoming concerts!

Not a lot is coming our way (or even CLOSE to our way) so you may have to check what's going on in major cities you may be visiting on summer vacation.

Here's a look at what's on our concert radar this spring/summer (click the links for ticket info):


May 14th (Dallas)
May 18th (Houston)
May 22nd (New Orleans)
Buy Tickets Here or Here
($37.50 to $98.00)


May 22nd (Dallas)
May 26th (New Orleans – House of Blues)
Buy Tickets Here


May 28th (Dallas – House of Blues)
Tickets: $27.50 - $75.00
Buy Tickets Here



June 6th (UNO Lakefront Arena)
June 18th (Little Rock, AR - Robinson Center Music Hall)
June 19th (Grand Prairie, TX – Nokia Live Theater)
June 20th (Beaumont, TX - Ford Park)
Buy Tickets Here



June 10th (New Orleans – House of Blues)
Tickets: $38.50
Buy Tickets Here



June 17th (Dallas – HOB)
Buy Tickets Here

June 19th (New Orleans – HOB)
Go to for more info



The Essence Music Festival line-up is taking shape.

The weekend-long event is set for July 4th, 5th and 6th of this year. Here's a look at who's hitting the main stage (so far):

  • Friday, July 4thKanye West, Chris brown, Rihanna
  • Saturday, July 5thLL Cool J, Jill Scott
  • Sunday, July 6thChris Rock, Mary J. Blige and Maze w/ Frankie Beverly

Buy Tickets Here or go to for more information.

By the way, Musiq Soulchild (one of my favs) is reportedly soon to be added to that Friday line-up at Essence, but the Festival website still has him only listed as a superlounge artist.

Meanwhile, he's going on tour with Chaka Khan ... which should be an OUTSTANDING live concert!

The closest date coming to us is August 21st in Grand Prairie, TX (Nokia Live Theater).

Check out Musiq's MySpace Page for other dates and go to for ticket information.

That's all for now!!!

- m

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