Saturday, March 29

Greeks Come Out for Port City Explosion

It was all Greek love in the Municipal Auditorium Friday night as Kappas from all over came to present their new members from the chapter at LSU-S. And oh yeah -- there was a Greek show too (lol).

The Port City Greek Explosion, hosted by J. R. Entertainment, brought hundreds out to enjoy some old-fashioned stepping. (Not that Stomp the Yard/How She Move crap, REAL stepping, people! lol)

The show featured a local church group, the T-Shemise Model Troupe and 3 fraternities ... following by the probate of the Spring 2008 line of Kappa Alpha Psi's undergraduate chapter at LSU-S, and an all-out party full of fraternity boys hopping and dancing around the main floor.

After the church group mimed a decent performance, the show finally got started (on CP time).

The eager crowd cheered as a group took the stage, only to find out it was the KUDOS social service High School group. Lifting steps from every fraternity ever created, their display was not judged but was pretty good.

Next up was the Alphas from ULM (shout out to my cousin Marquis lol). Their calls and chants were a little inaudiable but the performance was okay and they were cheered on by the AKAs in the audience and the small group of Alphas that came for moral support.

The T-Shemise group took the stage 2 or 3 times Saturday night (I'm hoping they were a sponsor because if not Tiff is a pimp for getting all that FREE publicity ... Shout to Justin Jones!).

The T-S ladies modeled clothes from the "couture" line and owner/designer Tiffany Walker announced the opening of a "show room" for her line that is now open at 1545 Line Avenue. CLICK HERE to see the fashions (in case you missed them). The audience saw more of the clothing than actually stepping ... but hey, whatever works.

I can't remember who performed first but the other two fraternities were Rho Chapter (Southern University) Sigmas and the Kappas from Louisiana Tech.

My frat -- I mean the Sigmas lol -- TORE IT UP ... Precise, Audible, Fluid, STEPPING ... they even had a concept and skits. I was so proud, as was my frat brother and Shreveport Police Officer Alvin Harvey (BLU PHI!) who came from that chapter.

The Kappas put on a performance that could rival that of the Black Chippendales. At any other show they would've been shut down but this was a Kappa function and simulated sex acts and lap dancing was allowed ... (wow). The steppin' (or caning in their case) was not amazing (and I've seen some amazing Kappa shows) but they did what they do :)

In the end, the Alphas took 3rd place, the Kappas took 2nd, and the SIGMAS won the $1000.

Congrats FRAT! There were a good 50 Sigmas in attendance, probably the most I've seen assembled in Shreveport outside of a regional or national conference. Still, it was amazing to see.

They rejoiced for a good 30 minutes, totally forgetting that they needed to clear the floor for the Kappa probate. I was elated to see so many Greeks training/party hopping.

And I hope to see them all this Fall when Mahogani Media presents the Black Greek Classic :) There will be fraternities AND sororities there from all over the Ark-La-Tex ...

(copycats ... fall back)

There were reps from every organization present (though I never tracked down that one Iota) at Friday's event. Here are some pics to prove it:

The Ques were there as well. Not as many as I would've thought, but they got their hop on.

These Shreveport natives came out to represent. The Zeta from a local graduate chapter and the Sigma Gamma Rho soror from La. Tech.

I even had the pleasure of meeting State Farm Agent (and my soror) Katrina Thomas.

There were other Zeta Ladies representin' from La. Tech and ULM.

All in all, it was amazing affair. Neos, Prophytes and "Old Heads" all coming together with family and friends. It was splendidly Greek ...

Big ups to J. R. Ent. and VIP Ent. for making it happen ... Shouts out to DJ Marle Mar; and Mr. Bentley (103.7) who co-hosted the event and is a Kappa himself.

The Kappas continue their special weekend with a party at the Convention Center Saturday night and will probably rejoice well into next week :)

Look out for the BGC in Fall 2008 ...

Til next time :-)

Monday, March 24

Spring is Here! (Ah-Choo!)

Ahh Spring ... It's finally arrived. Winter brought us torrential rains, ice, sleet and snow and now it's time for ... uh more rain ... and heat :)

And while most see Spring as the time for the birds, bees, flowers and trees (oh, and that thing called love). I see something completely different

Yeah, this is POLLEN ... you know ... flower sperm (hey, that's technically correct, don't get mad at me!) -- AKA that yellow stuff that's been covering your cars, shoes and homes for the past week.

This is what Spring means to me and the millions of people with allergy and sinus problems.

Instead of butterflies we have itchy eyes. Instead of birds and bees we cough, sneeze and wheeze. It's miserable (and windy days are even worse).

So for the past week or so I've been carrying around some Albuterol (asthmatics know what I'm talking about lol) and monitoring the pollen count and getting allergy forecasts.

If you suffer like me, you can get daily allergy casts at or

People don't think this is a serious issue, but anything that affects your breathing (your LUNGS) could kill you ... so monitor the environment, stock up on meds, do whatever you need to do :) ALLERGY SUFFERERS UNITE!

As for my Adventures this past week ... There's not much to tell ...

I was out for Spring Break and spent most of it catching up on sleep so I didn't see much of the city (lol) ...

Instead of easter candy I stocked up on Sudafed and Claritin :) ... But I did get some Goldenbrook ice cream (Brookshires' brand) which is the BEST to me ... even over Blue Bell (sorry y'all, I love soft and creamy ice cream) ... and I also got my favorite candy in the area ... these DELICIOUS pralines they sell at Walgreens stores:

Ever had one? You should try it!!! They're like $1.30 or something but they are soooooooo good! Look for them near the registers in a wicker basket at any local Walgreens store.

And speaking of prices ... I did notice gas has gone down (just a bit). I think the last time I went to Chevron it was around $3.05. I even saw Brookshires (on Mansfield Rd) at $2.97 on Friday! Whoo Hoo!!!

My only other sighting was a new canopy above the club formerly known as CLUB ONE ...

So umm ... HUH? Do the new (or possibly old) managers of this building (which has had more names than I can count) seriously think that spelling Players with a Z will make us forget this name was already attached to this particular building?

I mean between this building, Phase 2, Da Hot Spot and the club now known as RWB, there are way too many name changes and curses on these buildings.

Before the fame of KoKoPellis (in ITS original building), The Players Club (the former name) was the hot spot.

Then because of Fire Marshall fines and underaged drinking accusations, it was shut down (or given a bad rep) and everyone moved to KoKo (which was the start of the Rachet Revolution and moved many former patrons to VooDoo Cafe).

I can't even remember all the names this building has had since being called The Players Club. Now it's called the Playerz Club .. ??? Okay, whatever.

To those that frequent that part of downtown (and GiGi's) prepare for that corner to get hot now that 21 and ups are at both ends. Watch ya back! I'm just sayin! :)

My only other announcement is this ... An upcoming Greek Show.

Though I'm pissed someone got the event done before I could (look for one in the Fall!) ... I will promote anything that brings BGLOs together. (Z-Phi!) ....
Though most probates aren't until next month ... everyone (unless you're on-line lol) come out and support the event ... I'll see you there :)
Til next time!!! - mahogani

Sunday, March 16

More Adventures ... (Playing Catch Up lol)

I know it's been a while but that's the life of a post-bacc. college student during mid-term week.

I was stuck in front of an Avid editor for most of last week so I didn't get to do much else (oh, besides casting the BPCC summer 2008 movie).

So this edition of Adventures in the SBC will be from the past 10 days .... Heeeeereeeee we go! :

Thursday, March 6th, I helped with auditions at BPCC for the Summer Movie "Anything for the Game" ...

We're done with casting but we need tons of extras (especially baseball players) when shooting starts in June, so e-mail to get on the Extras List.

On that same day I got to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (and for the record, I voted for him ... call me what you want ... but I've seen the man more in six months than I saw Blanco her entire term).

Governor Jindal came to talk about the budget surplus and the special session where he submitted his proposal on how to use that surplus. Most of it will go to roads and infrastructures but he said $57 million would go towards efforts to bring the much-anticipated Cyber-Command Center here to Shreveport-Bossier.

And for those who believe Cyber Wars could never be a possibility ... trust that it could happen.

I personally am scared of any terrorist, in our country or outside of it, using computers/transmitters to shut the nation down.

I'm also fearful of bio-terrorism (because truly, if they tainted our food, they could wipe us all out, but I don't think people are thinking that far ahead ....

I mean who would've thunk -- yes THUNK -- that terrorists would go to American pilot schools and use our OWN PLANES as weapons???).

I digress ...

Go rent LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD ... one of the Die Hard sequels in which a disgruntled government employee used his own research on cyber-terrorism to shut down power plants, traffic signals, communications centers and the MEDIA ... not to mention tapped into the computers of banks, the U.S. Treasury and the SSA ... and depleted the nation's funds with the punch of a key. It was all reversable of course (it's a movie) but what if it wasn't???

Rent it and see how things COULD BE ... Though some call it propaganda and wasted funds, we need to be prepared.

Anyway, let's move on :)

By the way ... do you see newly-elected State Rep. Barbara Norton in the background. She looks all business already.

Of course, you remember the snowstorm of 2008 that lasted half a day on Friday, March 7th.

I was so scared driving in it but the ground was more like rain than snow, so it was okay ... I just wish it would've stuck long enough to play in it!!! :)

And wasn't it crazy that the rest of last weekend was sunny, not to mention this past Friday feeling like a hot August day! No wonder Louisianians stay sick!

Also on Friday, March 7th ... I hit up VIP Entertainment's Black and White Party. I thought it was a cool idea and wanted to see how Shreveport would recieve it.

I had the fortune of sitting next to the Best Dressed Couple of the night, Diana and Eddie. They won a gift basket and some applause from the other party-goers.

The event was held at the Full Moon Bistreaux, complete with free drinks (until the tab ran out lol) and a cajun buffet (I still need to know where that came from because that pasta dish was the LICK!)

VIP provided me with some shots taken in front of their custom backdrop .... (I gotta admit, that was hot ..)

I see you Steady ... You big ol' pimp! lol

The next night VIP continued their weekend fiesta with "We Own The Night" in the bottom half of the Bistreaux ... No special attire required that night but event-goers were asked to "Dress to Impress" ...

VIP has a major event planned for members of the military ... Stay tuned for details ...

Speaking of events .... let me send a personal message to Vibe Entertainment. Have no clue who you are but you messed up my ride and I must speak on it! (Excuse my crunkness please) ... *Clearing throat*

When I came out to my car in the parking lot (after the Black and White party), This is what I saw.

I didn't pull the flyer off because it was colder than a polar bear's toenails. I decided to wait until I got home ...

When I arrived in MY parking lot, I attempted to snatch the flyer from underneath my wiper and THIS is what happened:

I had to get a RAZOR to get it off my car!!!!

So party promoters AREA WIDE please stop getting these CHEAP A** flyers with CHEAP A** ink that sticks to anything and putting them on people's VEHICLES ... Either get card stock or stop posting them on other people's property .. SHEESH.

Next time I'm calling the number on the flyer and bringing my muscle with me to the event ... I'm not even playing .... (LOL)

ANYWAY ... Saturday, March 8th, I worked the Earthquake comedy show. To those of you who came out ... thanks for helping the event succeed and thanks for being patient. To those I reunited with at the event ... WINK, WINK ... LOL ..

This past week seemed like one LOOOOONG day but I did noticed one major event ... GAS PRICES. Thank goodness for my Chevron Card.

But why did I see CIRCLE K gas go up to $3.15 for regular unleaded???? Who authorized that mess? I put $25 in my tank and only got 3/4 of a tank ....

If it goes up to $3.50, I'm going on a consumer strike ... Again, I'm not playing! I'm going to start looking on again for the cheapest gas in the area ...

Among the things I missed this weekend was the Ebony Fashion Fair ... The Times has a photo album of the event (in case you missed it too), check it out.
(photo: Val Horvath/The Times)

Before I decided to hibernate this weekend (recovering from a long week of editing and casting), I got a visit from Super Kitty. Actually, that's not the cat's name but it's the one I gave it lol ....

I saw this cat at the apartment across from my door ... It was mewing so sweetly and it was so cute that I took a picture.
Next thing I know the cat is inching down the wooden beam from the 2nd floor to the first floor and then sprinted across the yard to MY building.
(It moved so fast that I couldn't get pics of it ... I wish I had a video camera ... it would've been on YouTube or American's Funniest Home Videos)

There it is ... climbing UP to my balcony ...

Super Kitty then proceeds to meow at my sliding doors ... LOL ... I have no clue who the cat belongs to but I bet they are always entertained! ....

Hope I entertained you as well ... :) -- Til next time people!

Wednesday, March 12

"Black Film" ... A Lost Art or A Lost Cause?

As an aspiring filmmaker/director it kind of pisses me off when people want to put Black directors or actors in a box and keep them there.

What's even worse is when we do it to ourselves.

{Take BET for example .. Am I the only one shaking my head at the foolishness on that channel? Is that honestly supposed to represent Black America???}

I personally don't care for Black awards shows because it seems to me like we have to give ourselves accolades because the majority won't.

And I honestly think we should ring our bells louder and MAKE them notice and give recognition. But we don't.

We keep making idiot films like Soul Plane and Norbitt and then complain we don't get the same billing as a Steven Spielberg or a James Cameron (Titanic).

Well just like with music, when you make a hit, we'll support it (I'll do more on the downfall of Black music at a later date lol) ...

I say all this because I was perusing the Louisiana Movies Blog and I came up on an entry about Black film by the Times' Alexandyr Kent. (click the link to check it out).

Now Kent isn't the reason for this blog, but in this entry he mentioned a conversation with an anonymous person who apparently was ignorant to the fact that Shreveport had a Hollywood buzz about town with the film industry in full swing.

This person asked if Shreveport made a lot of "Black movies".

The question perplexed the reporter and caused him to be as diplomatic as possible in his answer ... then he turned the question to the reader:

  • Are you comfortable with the label "black film" or "African American film?"
  • Does it advance or squash efforts to diversify the marketplace?
  • Do you believe that Hollywood studios are purposefully making "black films" for black audiences? Urban films for urban audiences? White films for white audiences?
  • Is marketing or thinking about black films as a distinct category or distinct genres (e.g. African American comedy, African American drama, African American bio pic, urban crime) a good idea? Economically? Socially?

I could write pages and pages to answer those questions (I nearly did in the blog's comment box), but I won't. However, it did get me thinking about the labels not only Hollywood puts on US but the labels we put on ourselves.

If there's a Black cast ... it's a Black movie ... But if a Black director (like my idol Spike up there) directs something like Inside Man, it's just a movie. Or if Denzel stars in DeJaVu, it's just a film.

When Will Smith stars in a movie, he's just an actor in a movie ... When he stars with Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, it's just another movie ... But when Martin is alone .. it's an "urban comedy".

Why are things labeled so differently? Maybe because of the audience they are targeting? Is the color of the movie-goers driving the labels?

If so, how can you explain all the White people in the showing of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins when I was there?

I think the more WE (Blacks) label things as Black -- BET, Black Reel, Black Movie Awards, NAACP Awards -- the more we put ourselves into this Black box ...

The more we close the door on forcing the majority to accept us as equals because we go in our corner and just make up something for ourselves instead of pushing through that door and breaking down that wall to be identified as People and not a race or skin color.

I think the days of great "Black film" are lost in labels. When was the last time you saw anyting CLOSE to a Boyz N Da Hood or Do The Right Thing?

I think we become too focused on trying to be like "them" that we lost us.

We stopped making films that mattered to those like us ...

We stopped delivering messages of our struggle to the masses ... No matter what color they are.

We stopped caring how we were represented not only by them but by US.

Where are the new generation of Spike Lees and John Singletons and Melvin Van Peebles'?

Black youth are eager to want to be in front of the camera but we need some BEHIND them as well so our voice won't be lost in translation .... or marketing lingo and mass-produced buffoonery.

I believe the most powerful thing you can leave behind is a record of your ideas, beliefs and experiences (which is probably why I love writing).

Even if your film is a box-office flop (or goes straight to DVD) or your book never hits the best-seller list ... we should all leave behind a record that we were here ... and what better record than a film --- something that will evoke emotion, conversation and possibly inspire others to pick up a pen or camera.

I think the more we start focusing on making a product and showing our creativity (and less on who of what color is getting what role in which movie) the better off we'll be.

So, step outside of the box ... please!

Encourage your children to write just like you encourage their jumpshot or total yards. Show them how to use a camera like they use their IPODs and PSPs.

Start teaching them how to tell a story -- their story, your story ... it doesn't matter. Just teach them a different way to leave a legacy.

We'd love to think our child, grandchild, godchild, niece, or nephew could be the next President, Michael Jordan or Serena Williams ... but what if they were the next Alice Walker, James Baldwin or Spike Lee?

Now that's one label I wouldn't mind wearing ...

- mahogani

(c) 2008

Monday, March 3

Mahogani Presents .. Adventures in the SBC

Okay can I say this first ... Mother Nature was NOT playing today ... She unleashed on the area with fury! LOL.

It's crazy in Louisiana when it rains because one part of the city will be under a sheet of rain and another will just have drizzles. My windshield wipers got a serious workout today.

Anyway, my friend gave me an idean for an additional blog, so I'm doing what I said I was going to do and posting it (you satisfied homie? lol).

The idea is to give you a look at a week in the life of a girl/writer living in the SBC. My friend said what better outlet than "that blog you do." So here I am.

Let's see most of the week I was doing the film student thing and searching for a job (I'll blog on that another time lol).

Thursday I helped cast BPCC's upcoming summer movie "Anything for the Game" ... We're looking for extras (especially those who can play baseball), so if you're interested, e-mail your information to We're looking for kids, teens and adults, so don't be shy!

Because of the casting, I missed the KWEST concert at the Full Moon but as you saw in the previous blog, VIP let me know what I missed :(

Friday I was supposed to attend the Danity Kane event at Phoenix (not a fan of their music but I love Dawn and the TV show!!!) and the PJ party at the Full Moon (Rasheed where you at?) but I wasn't feeling well and couldn't go. If YOU went, let a sista know how it was!

And speaking of DK, being the pop culture fan that I am, I must share that their sophomore album drops on March 18th and their male MTB counterparts, now knows as Day 26, will release their debut album the following week on the 25th.

I didn't attend Bay Bay's b-day bash either on Friday night. I even had someone e-mail me like "Why you not pubbing the party." Let me explain ... Other than community events ... If I don't get a flyer or invite, it doesn't get on this blog ... Ya feel me? Thanks.

I did get an e-mail from my girl LadieCreation (watch out for her photography/graphic game, she's a beast lol) and she was my eye in the sky ... She spotted this publicity van that posted up downtown the day/night of the event.

Gotta give them props for putting the word out. If anyone has party pics from the b-day bash, feel free to E-MAIL ME.

Saturday I took my first trip to GiGi's since September and my how things have changed! It seems the club is under construction trying to update the decor. But hey, at least the drinks are bigger now :) (My amaretto sour was LOVELY).

Gigi's is constantly updating its MySpace page with pics (Shoutout to TalentedTouch/Dedrick), and if you frequent the club you might be on it lol ... I see y'all!!!!

Sunday I went location hunting (I'm an amateur photographer ... at least for now) and shooting for a video project ... I got some great shots (steal them and I will put a voodoo curse on you ... I'm part Creole, I can make it happen! :)

I also took a trip to the Boardwalk and noticed some new stores (at least they're new to me) ..

I don't remember the DKNY and I know the University of Phoenix is hiring (check them out on but had no idea they'd be housed at the B'walk.

And that Liz Claiborne store used to be a bookstore if I'm not mistaken. Hmmm, ah well, more shopping for me :)

Fuddrucker's has been here for a while but I have YET to go (hint to the single men out there) ...

I also ran into some performers from Cirque' Du Soleil. Their show "Salmtimbanco" will be at the CenturyTel this weekend (March 8th and 9th). Go to for more information. You can also get discount tickets by clicking HERE.

In other news -- er, gossip :) ... a local TV reporter-turned-top-story's job is posted on several job sites now .. Wanna guess who? I was asked by several to post the story when it happened but being that I knew him, I decided not to hang him like his station did (smh).

I also saw another local TV reporter on a personals site, which was kind of funny being that a lot of people thought this person didn't like the opposite sex (I'll let you think on that one).

That's all till next time! (if there is one after some people read this). LOL.

- mahogani

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