Tuesday, June 30

MESSAGE: Updates Coming Soon ...

This has been a LONG weekend (and Monday) and my work is STILL not done ....

I'm STILL compiling MJ Stuff (I wouldn't dare try to report it all because there are literally updates every HOUR) ... and will have that soon. Til then, feel free to sign the Memory Page below!!!

I'm also still compiling my Weekly Events for those that check that page ... so Look for those Wednesday.

I also still have two Black Music Month Spotlights to share with you. I was planning to push them into July even before MJ died, so be looking out for those later this week or early next week.

I also have pics from Stromile Swift's Celebrity Weekend events and VIP Ent's Totally Exclusive party at GiGi's Club New York Friday night. And later this week I'll have event alerts for the upcoming holiday weekend!!!

So believe me, I'm not slacking ... You have to understand I'm a one-woman show here and this blog doesn't pay the rent (not yet, anyway lol) ... so business comes first!

Keep checking back in the coming days for updates and I'll be back on track soon!!!

Thanks for ALL your support!!! :)

- m

Monday, June 29

EVENT PICS: Biz Camp MarketPlace

I profiled the amazing program known as BIZ CAMP last week ... but with all the stuff going on in the news, I'm late posting the pics from their MarketPlace event on Thursday afternoon.

Dozens of Biz Campers set up shop under the Texas Street Bridge at the Louisiana Boardwalk to sell the various items they bought at a Vivian warehouse, with their $50 budget.

The young entrepreneurs had everything from candles and knickknacks to backpacks and electronic gadgets.

Some were actively drawing in patrons with calls to come buy their wares ... some were more busy trying to relieve themselves from the heat of the summer afternoon.

But for the most part, they all were doing their best to use what they learned during their two weeks at Biz Camp: Having a plan and putting it into action to draw customers in.

From their colorful signs, to their ambitious "hustling" attitudes, it was a sight to see.


The Biz Campers graduated from camp on Friday (6/26) and are now certified young entreprenuers.

  • If you missed the story on them, go HERE.

  • And go HERE to see ALL of the pics from Biz Camp 2009.

(Photos by mahogani for mahogani media)

Saturday, June 27

ATSBC's: Michael Jackson Memorial

For nearly ALL of his life here on Earth, MICHAEL JACKSON entertained the masses.

He did it with vigor, with pride and with an undying passion that is so rare in the music industry, that his death has left an extreme void that will probably never be filled.

Regardless of the troubles later in his life, true fans remember the good that Michael did.

Whether you were a fan when the Jackson 5 helped soar Motown to new heights....

Or, like me, you were a member of the MTV generation and watched Michael's SOLO career break records and make musical history.

Or maybe you were a part of the later generation that was introduced to Michael once his life took a disturbing turn ...

No matter WHICH Michael you first met ... or first loved .... Remember that he was the KING.

I won't share my opinions of his life today ... I will save that for later. THIS page is for YOU.

This is YOUR place to tell Michael goodbye. To tell other fans what you're feeling. To tell stories of the Michael YOU remember ... and will never forget.

This page will be moderated. Inappropriate comments will NOT be posted. Yes you have the right to your opinion but this is MY blog and disrespect will NOT be tolerated.

This is for TRUE FANS and those who appreciated the man who gave his all ... and gave up his ENTIRE life to entertain us.

RIP Micheal Joseph Jackson .... We Love You!

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR STORIES & COMMENTS!!! and If there are pictures you'd like me to post here ... please e-mail them to

EVENT ALERT: Michael Jackson Tribute to be Held Tonight

The sudden death of Michael Jackson has stunned the world. His music touched people and moved them in ways that perhaps no other American recording artist ever has, or ever will.

Michael sold more than 750 million records worldwide. His sixth album, Thriller, sold 109 million copies alone; making it the best selling album of all time.

To honor the life and legacy of Michael Jackson, a tribute will be held in his honor TONIGHT at the Louisiana Boardwalk.

Participants are asked to bring candles, wear MJ paraphernalia and come ready to celebrate his life and legacy. The tribute will take place under the Texas Street Bridge, near the Saltgrass Steakhouse. It begins at 8 pm.

Event organizer James Haggard says this event was a no-brainer because Michael's music touched everyone. He says Michael Jackson's music was about Unity.

“It’s important to come together to remember Michael Jackson and to remember that we are one people,” Haggard adds.
That's why the tribute will end with those assembled singing "We Are The World" (written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie).

  • For more information on this event, go HERE ... or contact Mr. Haggard at (318) 771-4415..

And Stay Linked to this blog for pictures from this event AND more on the life and legacy of Michael Jackson (including my personal goodbye to the King of Pop).

Friday, June 26

WEEKEND HAPZ: MJ Tribute, Exclusive Event, & Parties for a Cause

My heart is sad right now but I still have a job to do ... So I want to make sure this day doesn't pass with out my Weekend Hapz report.

I first want to inform all the Michael Jackson fans that a Candlelight Tribute has been organized and will be held at the Louisiana Boardwalk tomorrow (Saturday) from 8-9 pm .... Stay Linked to this Blog for more information on this event.

Secondly, there are LOT of community/family events going on this weekend, but a LOT of it is out of town:

A Family and Friends Day in Coushatta, a Fishing Event in Oil City, the Peach Festival in Ruston, the Purple Hull Pea Festival in Emerson, Arkansas; and the Sunflower Trails & Festival in Dixie, LA.

Back here in the SBC, you can go see Dustin "Screech" Diamond (of Saved By The Bell fame) at the Funny Bone, or enjoy a Free Family Day at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum.

  • Check out ALL the community/family events in the SBC, HERE.


TONIGHT (Friday) ... Join VIP ENTERPRISES at Club New York (inside GiGi's) for their "TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE" event.

Along with LIVE entertainment, a DJ will be there playing all your favorite R&B, Hip-Hop & Neo Soul. There will also be give-a-ways including a chance to win 2 Tickets to the Essence Music Festival!!!

Paparazzi Perfect attire is being enforced. Photographers will be all over the building. And NBA stars will be making appearances!! Admission is $10. Call 318-771-2634 for more information.


The most Sophisticated event in the SBC goes down at ADAM's LOUNGE in Bossier City.

That's where CROWDPLEASER Entertainment hosts "SOPHISTICATED SATURDAYS". Doors open at 9 pm. Grown and Sexy atmosphere and attire. DJ Marle-Mar on the 1's and 2's.


NBA player, and Shreveport native, Stromile Swift (and the Swift Foundation) will be hosting events in the SBC ... to raise awareness (and money for Kidney Disease).

TONIGHT (Friday) there is a MEET & GREET CASINO NIGHT at the Horseshoe Casino.

TOMORROW NIGHT (Saturday), there is a BLACK & RED PARTY at Encore Nightlife

and SUNDAY, there is a FAMILY FUN DAY at Southern Hills Metro Park

  • Go HERE to get all the details on these events!!!

Thursday, June 25

EVENT ALERTS: Biz Camp MarketPlace, MaryThon & Purple Rain Poetry

If you read my previous post, you learned all about the amazing program called BIZ CAMP. If you haven't read it yet, GO HERE.

Today at NOON, the future entrepeneurs of the SBC will be showcasing their merchandise at the Biz Camp Marketplace at the Louisiana Boardwalk.

Make sure you stop by and see what the kids are selling (and drop a dollar or five). Your purchase will inspire a young SBC'ers dream of becoming a business owner!!!

NBA player, and Shreveport native Stromile Swift will making an appearance at the Biz Camp Marketplace in the afternoon, but later in the evening he'll be at the Southern Hill Metro Center for the kickoff of his Celebrity Weekend.

At 6 pm, the park will the site for the MARYTHON ... a 5K Run/Walk in honor of his mother Mary Swift, who passed earlier this year after a long battle with Kidney Disease. Proceeds will support the Louisiana foundation for the disease.

There are events all weekend long, hosted by Stromile and the Swift Foundation. Go HERE to see the complete list.

Also tonight, POETIC X (of S.P.E.A.K. Entertainment) is hosting his monthly poetry slam called the PURPLE RAIN POETRY EVENT.

The event will be held at the H&H Peforming Arts Center located at 717 Hope St. It begins at 7:30 pm and is FREE.

Tonight's event will feature MOODY BLACK of Spartanburg, SC. (He's pretty darn good).

And of course the mic will be open to other singers and poets in the SBC. Sign-up begins at 6:30 pm.

And STAY TUNED ... in the next 24 hours you'll get your WEEKEND HAPZ report (all there is to do this weekend in the SBC) ...

Wednesday, June 24

ITEM: Biz Camp Encourages Youth Entrepreneurship

It's been all business on the campus of Centenary College the past couple of weeks.

No, I'm not talking about a special summer college session where they cram 3 months of work into 12 days (including Saturdays).

The "business" I'm talking about is a camp geared toward turning bright young Caddo Parish students into future business owners -- BIZ CAMP.

BIZ CAMP is a two-week summer camp that is sponsored by ICE (the Inner City Entrepreneur Institute), Caddo Parish Schools and SUSLA.

The camp began nine years ago as a program under ICE. The idea developed after State Representative Roy Burrell learned about the same sort of program working wonders for kids in other states.

Through funding from the Caddo Parish School Board, nearly a dozen teachers were trained to teach entrepreneurship under the NFTE Biz Camp Model, and in 2000, Shreveport's BIZ CAMP was born.

BIZ CAMP teaches young people, ages 12 to 23, the skills needed to own and operate businesses.

The camp's goal is to not only encourage entrepreneurship, but also to keep young people (and the businesses they create) invested in their own community by staying here to build their business.

This summer, nearly 50 youth attended BIZ CAMP. They learned everything from creating a business plan to compiling an expense report. The students do a LOT in a very short amount of time.

Camp Director and retired Caddo teacher Lena Livingston (not pictured) says the students receive "rigorous" training; training equivalent to a college student studying for an MBA.

"We take a lot of field trips, and have a lot of speakers. Two of our speakers this year gave students the specifics on business tactics and strategies," Livingston explains. "We also took a field trip to the Shreveport Business Incubator. It lets the students know there are places like this for them to go for help."

The BIZ CAMP does its best to nurture the students' entrepreneurial spirit, and the students I talked to seemed to have learned a lot about what it takes to own and operate a business.

"It definitely takes work ... and dedication," says 12-year-old Keira White, a Benton Middle School student who is an aspiring fashion designer.

Her fellow camper, 13-year-old Adam Dodd (of Caddo Middle Magnet) agrees:

"You can’t just go (to work) for two hours and say 'Ok, time to take a break', you can’t stop and start and expect it to succeed," he adds.

Adam (pictured, above right) and Kiera (pictured above left) are both first-time camp attendees.

They'd already completed their business presentations (which were judged by a panel on Wednesday) by the time I arrived for my visit. So they sat down and talked with me about their business ideas, and about BIZ CAMP in general.

Kiera created a business called D.I.V.A. (Dreamy, Incredible, Vibrant, Amazing) Clothing. She hopes to create a nationwide franchise that will cater to the woman on a budget and provide clothing for all ages and sizes

"It's hard to find something that's nice and cute, and not too revealing, that will last ... and that's not $500," the young fashionista reveals.

Adam created a non-profit organization called Eagle's Nest. Through his organization, he plans to open Homeless Hotels for people in need. They'll provide rooms to those down on their luck and job and/or financial assistance to those who have been laid off or have lost their homes to foreclosure.

"The word 'shelter' sounds so bad. So we call them 'hotels' to make people feel more at home, until they get on their feet," Adam explains.

Mrs. Livingston says his idea is one of those that definitely stood at at this year's camp. She adds that it could very well become a reality with all the stimulus funding toward project just like it.

Since Adam had a non-profit, he had to learn about getting government funding and seeking out investors. Kiera's for-profit business meant she had to learn about getting loans and about creating a Projected Income Statement.

After both completed their business plans, they embarked on a very important field trip to a wholesale warehouse in Vivian. Each camper is given $50 to spend towards their business idea. They can buy anything they want.

Kiera bought accessories (of course), to promote her love for fashion. Adam couldn't buy something in tune with his business venture, so he bought knickknacks to sell to both kids and adults.

They'll sell these items at the BIZ CAMP MARKETPLACE, set up at the Louisiana Boardwalk. The marketplace will open at Noon Today (Thursday).

Businesses designed by campers include clothing and accessory stores, a car detailing shop, a 24-hour daycare and a fitness center.

One camper couldn't technically SELL his business at the Marketplace, so he used his money at the warehouse to buy drinks to sell to marketplace patrons. (Smart boy!)

With his profit, Adam plans to pay tithes to his church first and then put the rest up for a new car when he turns 17.

Mrs. Livingston says the Marketplace gives students a chance to test-run their ideas as well as interact with customers. Oh! and of course they get to keep all their profits :) (Last year the top seller made nearly $300!).

So go out and support the kids today (if you can). And if you can't, remember them next year. And send your own future business owner out there too! :)

This is a GREAT effort to turn smart kids into successful business owners, and should be supported!

BIZ CAMP officially ends Friday (6.26) with a graduation ceremony. The keynote speaker will be a graduate of the very first BIZ CAMP, who now owns his own business, KickMeClothing, and run his own BIZ CAMP from the campus of Morehouse College.

Just goes to show you that BIZ CAMP really makes an impact. A camper from today, could become the Russell Simmons, Tyra Banks or OPRAH of tomorrow!

  • To see more photos from BIZ CAMP ... go HERE.

EVENT ALERT: Swift Foundation Celebrity Weekend

A native Son turned NBA vet is returning to the SBC to raise money for his foundation, bring awareness to Kidney Disease, and to honor his mother.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday), Stromile Swift and The Swift Foundation will host the inaugural Swift Foundation Celebrity Weekend.

The Foundation will host a serious of events, including a Marathon For Mary (in honor of Stromile's mother), a Bowling Challenge and a Family Fun Day. Stromile will also be stopping by the Biz Camp Marketplace and making visits to various SPAR Recreation Centers during the course of the weekend.

To help draw attention to his cause, Stromile has enlisted the help of his friends to participate in some of the activities ... including: Master P, Romeo, and Silk the Shocker; NBA players Shaquille O’Neal (Phoenix Suns), Vince Carter (New Jersey Nets), Josh Howard and Brandon Bass (Dallas Mavericks), Rudy Gay, O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies), Kyle Lowry (Houston Rockets), Earl Watson (Oklahoma Thunder); and NFL player Ronnie Prude (Atlanta Falcons).

Proceeds from this weekend's events will benefit Swift Foundation’s charitable efforts and the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana. The Swift Foundation’s primary focus is promoting the dreams and aspirations of academically challenged youth through community, educational and personal development programs.



12:00 pm - BizCamp Marketplace Autograph Signing (Louisiana Boardwalk)

Stromile will make an appearance at the Louisiana Boardwalk to encourage the youth who have participated in BizCamp (sponsored by ICE, CSPB and SUSLA).

6:00 pm - Marathon for Mary (Southern Hills Park and Recreation Center)

The MARATHON FOR MARY is a 5K Walk/Run that will raise awareness for individuals struggling with kidney-related issues. Marathon for Mary is in loving memory of Mary Swift, Stromile’s mother, who passed away earlier this year after a long battle with kidney disease. All proceeds from this marathon will go to the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana.

FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 2009

8:30pm - Meet & Greet Casino Night (Horseshoe Casino - Riverdome)

Come out and meet Stromile and Foundation members. Eat, Drink and listen to the sounds of Windstorm. Admission is $10. (Space is limited).


12:00 pm - Stro Show Bowling Challenge (Funny Bone Comedy Club and Bowling Alley)

(As far as I know) Registration is closed for entering the Bowling challenge, but you're still encouraged to come watch! Food and drink are available at PINZ, as well as pool tables and big screen TV's :)

9:00 pm - Black and Red Affair Afterparty (Encore Nightlife – Louisiana Boardwalk)

Black and Red (or either) attire encouraged. Admission is $20.


3:00 pm - Swift Family Fun Day (Southern Hills Park and Recreation Center)

A fun day filled with fun and games. Stromile will be there to sign autographs as well. Local radio stations will be on hand providing music and live remotes. This is a family oriented event for children of all ages. This event is absolutely FREE.

--- For more info about the Weekend or the Swift Foundation, Contact Amanda Flynn at 318-422-4963 or Shalanda Swift-Watkins at 318-208-3788.

-- To make donations to the cause, send a check or money order to:

Swift Foundation
P.O. Box 8030
Shreveport, LA 71148

Monday, June 22

EVENT PICS: Let The Good Times Roll Festival '09

The 2009 Let The Good Times Roll Festival invited SBC'ers to brave the heat to enjoy some great local and national Black music.

The 3-day festival featured acts from right in town, as well as national recording artists like Latimore, Vickie Baker and Pretty Ricky.

Two separate stages welcomed music lovers to the celebration. The main stage, sponsored by festival organizers RHO OMEGA & FRIENDS, was surrounded by amazing food and vendor booths/tents.

I only went out into the heat of the night once, on Saturday, to work the Radio Group stage on the other side of the Plaza. But I arrived early, with 5 teens/pre-teens in tow (my niece, her friend, two cousins and my nephew) to go to the main stage and see one of my new favorite local bands, INTUITION, play:

After listening to the band blaze the stage ... My crew looked for refreshments (and I browsed some of the vendors selling Greek paraphernalia ... Shout out to Stomping Ground T's @ 3420 Jewella .. I'll be there this week!!).

As far as food & beverage, all I ate was half a funnel cake (thanks Brandi) and I got a "Cajun" Sno-Ball (which was soooo good .. and one of the cheapest things there so the line was LONG lol); Later in the night, I also got some awesome lemonade from a vendor on the other side.

Speaking of the other side ... It housed the stage that was sponsored by The Radio Group (home of KDKS 102.1 and KBTT 103.7)

Over a dozen local and regional-gone-national performers hit the Radio Group stage Saturday night ... including A-1 BOLD, KEL, YOCKIE JOE, COLBY KING (pictured above), THR3SOME (sp?), THE PDA BOYZ, THE NAUGHTY BY NATURE BOYZ, K.P., BHAMP, BIG POPPA and the group that damn near started a riot -- PRETTY RICKY.

An ATSBC favorite (maybe because we Spotlighted him just last week and his following had grown bigger ever since) ... BILLY BROADWAY also hit the stage late in the evening ...

He and his fellow UnderDog rapper, D.T. (pictured with him below) rocked the stage for the mostly teenaged crowd ...

Despite the heat (which wasn't all the bad thanks to the evening breeze), and me having to run around like a headless chicken, it was a great night for lovers of Black music. Grown folks music on one side ... and young folks muisc on the other.

My teen crew THOROUGHLY enjoyed themselves ... and from the screams and sweat-drenched outfits, I can tell everyone else did too.

The kids I brought along made comments like: "It was like being at a club" and claimed "they should do this all the time!" (a hint to the promoters/organizers of the event).

The only downside to the whole weekend was the MIA singer JOE, who was scheduled to perform on the Main Stage around 6 pm on Sunday night

My sources say that bad weather prevented Joe's flight from leaving, and numerous attempts to get him on a flight that would have had him on stage .. failed.

I don't know how much notice event-goers were given or who performed in JOE's place, but needless to say, I'm sure he was missed.

EVENT PICS: "N The Mix 18" (The Marche' Group Mixer)

Soooo ... I FINALLY got to one of the infamous MARCHE' GROUP Mixers this past Friday (6/19) ... Kickin' off Juneteenth at Encore Nightlife.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. I'd heard many things, like: "Girl it's always packed" and "You gotta wait like an HOUR for a drink" ... and such exclamations about this well-known event. But of course, I always have to experience things for myself ...

And here's my report :)

First, let me say that I was informed I could not bring my trusty camera Nik to the event. Therefore, I had to rely on the much lower quality pocket cam to show you what happened. So forgive me in advance! :)

(in hindsight organizers realize that restricting mahogani media was a bad, bad thing LOL)

Secondly, let me say that upon arrival there were a few dozen people (that changed later), and it was kinda warm in the building. I attempted to cool off with my regular party drink (an amaretto sour) and sat down with my fellow 318Socialites (after walking around the club a bit). Then I was treated to the sounds of MARK SCROGGINS and his band.

Now, I've heard ABOUT Mark, but never heard him SING. People ... the boy is BAD (and that means GOOD). He sang everything from Badu to Gnarls Barkley, and even blew the ish outta my favorite song by Luther, "So Amazing."

And that's exactly how I felt about his performance (the entire BAND's peformance) it was SO AMAZING.

I felt like I was sitting at the bar of the House of Blues at a live concert. Groovin' to the sounds and enjoying every minute of it. SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE needs to book this band on a regular basis. I'd be there at LEAST once a month, maybe two.

See ... I wasn't the only one groovin' :) This couple got out on the floor to show some appreciation for the band's musical talents ....

Toward the end of the band's set, Mark welcomed BILLY BROADWAY to the stage to perform an original song. They both KILLED the performance. (Shout out to BB, who was the first ATSBC Black Music Month Spotlight).

Meanwhile, this was the scene OUTSIDE the building, around 11-ish, just as JAY-TEK (former KMJJ DJ gone to bigger and better things, lol) was taking over the booth.

The line was RIDICULOUSLY long. The two guys working the door couldn't check IDs or take tickets fast enough!

Back in the floor seats (LOL), my girl LB (above) was sipping on a Peach Martini. I've never heard of it being served at any other club in the SBC ... but it was DEELISH. A must-have if ever you go to Encore ...

The rest of the night was filled with the sounds of JAY-TEK on the 1's and 2's ... that boy was bad as well!!! He had me dancing my BUTT off. (Literally, because he played "Da Butt" LOL).

My only complaint of the night was the HEAT. The venue was a SWEATBOX. Everyone was using flyers (from another event) to fan themselves all night. The bar was packed with partiers trying to cool off with a beverage. I swear the A/C was busted, but I could also have sworn I felt a little cool air every now and then (maybe I was hallucinating lol).

Rumor has it the A/C was turned off on purpose to make people want to leave (in order to avoid the events of the previous night, at another event).

Regardless of the reason, people who'd paid $15 and $20 (especially MY people) weren't leavin' because of a little heat. We sweated to the oldies, newbies and everything in between. But I had a GREAT time!

Shout out to Pat Brown and the Marche' Group .... I'm told I'll have more pics to show you soon so check back!!! ... and I'll keep you posted on the NEXT mixer (A/C will be in the building! lol) ...

- m

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