Sunday, February 24

Extras Needed ... (Get in where you fit in!)

There are several major film productions in the area (and state) looking for extras to work in the coming month(s). Below is a list of those movies and contact information, courtesy of the Louisiana Movies Blog.

(There are several productions in New Orleans looking too so if you have the time, check the blog out for more info).

A lot of people are needed but let me first warn you that extra work is LONG and tedious sometimes. You will have to be there ALL DAY for most productions and some may need you for more than one day. So ask questions when you call or e-mail inquiring about work!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you ... lol ...

The Ice Cube movie known as "The Comeback" (which is now a WORKING title) is looking for extras ... Contact Bam Casting ( for more information.

The Jack Black fillm "Year One" is in of LOTS of starting this week and on well into March. E-mail your: Name, Contact Telephone Numbers, Age, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Size, Whether You Have Tatoos Showing, and Availability (days you are available) to

If you will make this a Word Document and Insert your Photo. Do Not Call unless necessary as telephones are swamped and extremely difficult to get through, so to make it easier email them to assure they get your application/email. They will call you when they need you.

The Samuel L. Jackson/Bernie Mac film "Soul Men" needs extras soon. They need the Caucasians for House Of Blues scenes and African Americans are needed for Apollo scenes. You may contact them (Casting: Christopher Gray) at 318-828-1926.

** Pay for all these films is $58/8 (or 58 bucks for 8 hours).

For those of you interested in working BEHIND the scenes in production, check out

If you check up on the Louisiana Film Hotline (225-342-FILM), you'll find out what's coming, what's already here and what they're looking for.

HAPPY FILMING! :) - mahogani

Thursday, February 21

Badu To Host CD Release/B-Day Party in Dallas

If you're like me, you're eagerly anticipating the return of the Queen of Neo-Soul, Erykah Badu. Well, now it's just days away and I can't WAIT.

It's been FIVE YEARS since "Worldwide Underground" so some of us are in dire need of a neo-soul-funk fix.


I don't care what has to happen -- If I have to miss a meal, ride on fumes for a day, whatever -- I must have that CD the DAY it drops (yes, it's that serious lol) - which is this coming Tuesday, February 26th.

Coincidently, it's also Erykah's 37th Birthday! (She calls it Saviors' Day) ... The girl looks good for damn near 40!!! A lot of my homeboys say she's gotten "finer" too -- two kids will do that to ya lol.

Anywho, Badu will celebrate both her CD and her birthday with a huge party at the House of Blues in Dallas. Click HERE for more information on tickets.

Performing along with Badu that night will be Q-Tip, Questlove, Bilal and some other talented friends ... I'm sooooo jealous of anyone that gets to attend!! :(

If you have friends or relatives in Dallas that are MySpacers, Erykah & Friends will give them a chance to get FREE tickets by printing out their Top 8 (with Badu in there of course) and bringing it to Bills Records and Tapes on midnight February 25th (the Monday before) -- which is technically the first hour of her b-day.

There will be tickets available to the first 100 Myspacers (and for all you DJs, vinyl will be on sale!).

Myspacers click HERE for more information or check out EVENTS on MySpace.

Unfortunately for us Shreveporters, there's not a media entity (print or broadcast) or promoter here kind enough to try to give away some tickets so we can go ... *sigh* and a sista can't afford the ticketes AND gas so I guess I won't be attending. :(

(If only we had a publication that cared about things like this -- oh wait ... lol ... that's gonna be me!) lol .. but I digress.

All hail the Queen ... I'm SO glad she's back! (Now if we could only get Lauryn, Maxwell and D'Angelo to act right, we may have a neo-soul renaissance!) ...

Stay Tuned for the CD Review on my other page -- Peace and blessings people!

- mahogani

Thursday, February 14

Traffic? In Shreveport? WTH?

Okay so I'm noticing that the traffic is getting kind of heavy in Shreveport-Bossier lately.

I mean there aren't a bunch of construction zones or road work areas, but every time I'm headed to classes (in Bossier) between 8 and 9 am on 3132 (at I-49) ... I get stuck in traffic for no apparent reason.

It reminds me of driving into Kenner/Metarie ... People don't know how to merge and other people are being buttheads and other still are just cluelessly BAD DRIVERS.

Last Wednesday I was stuck in traffic because there was an accident on 3132 near Linwood Avenue and yet another near Jewella Avenue. Traffic was backed up for miles.

I was literally driving 2 miles an hour from Jewella to Linwood. I should have gotten off at Jewella but I didn't.

Here's what I saw ... (yes, I had time to get pictures) ...

Traffic ....

and more traffic ....

Some fool even tried to drive into the median .. (do you see that slope?) ... Good idea if you have a pick-up or SUV with 4-wheel drive ... Not good for a custom van. He got stuck in the mud ... wheels just a-spinnin! lol .. .I felt bad for him but it was TOO funny!


While I was awaiting on traffic to clear I even came up with a list of things I HATE about driving (and traffic) ... and I thought I'd share! :)


  1. NO SIGNAL LIGHT - it has to be my number one peeve. It's on the car for a reason .. USE IT! Otherwise, don't be mad when I slam into the back of you! Sheesh! How hard is it to go CLICK and help the rest of know where you're going!
  2. HEAVY HANDED HONKERS - can you give me FIVE seconds at the light before you go into convulsions and honk me into oblivion? Geez ... How come people use their horn more than their signal lights?
  3. DRIVING DIRTY OR WITH DEBRIS - trucks hauling things like dirt or grass or event tools who don't bother to clean the back of the truck or the mud flaps and their debris and dirt particles bounce onto my clean windshield -- TICKS ME OFF! Can I get you to clean your damn vehicle please? If I get one more knick on my windshield because of some loose gravel off a big rig, I'm hunting them down! This is how road rage begins people! (LOL)
  4. IGNORING THE SIGNS - I know you saw that flashing sign that said "Left Lane Closed Ahead" yet you kept driving anyway, then decide to hold up traffic when you can't merge later ... how about you HEED THE WARNING and do what you're supposed to!!!
  5. SKIPPING LINE - You might do this ... and if you do .. STOP ... Don't barrel your vehicle from BEHIND me just to speed ahead of me and four other cars and then squeeze your behind in further ahead in traffic and slow us all down ... Can't you wait??? We're all going the same place!!! NO CUTS!!! LOL.
  6. STOPPING ON THE ON-RAMP - I HATE when people do this ... I know there are buttholes that won't let you over (especially in Bossier) and the on-ramp is short but don't come to a COMPLETE STOP ... that's just asking for a rear-ending! Anticipate and merge!!!!! MERGE! lol
  7. DRIVING SLOW - Turning slow into traffic (when you KNOW there's fast traffic coming), driving slow when you own a convertible (they have 140 on the speedometer for a reason), or hogging the fast lane driving 50 mph when traffic is going 70 ... WHATEVER THE REASON ... get in the slow lane or get outta the way!!!
  8. CONVERSATION WHILE DRIVING - Please stop holding up traffic while you catch up with old friends. That's what they have cell phones for ... When the light turns green, GO!
  9. DUMPING CIGARETTE BUTTS - I hate smokers anyway ... but when you flick your LIT cigarette butt out of the window and it damn near hits my car ... we may have to fight. Along with the signal light, every vehicle has an ash tray .. USE IT ... Litterbug! That's how the California wildfires got started!
  10. ROAD HOGS - This mostly applies to soccer moms in SUVs and good ol' boys in big trucks with big wheels ... do you HAVE to weave in and out of traffic just to prove your car is better than mine? Those with the flashy (and not-so-flashy) cars, no need to prove how fast you can drive or how close you can pass between two cars without crashing ... save the tricks and road antics for when I'm NOT driving please!

So there it is .... My Driving Pet Peeves .... I'm sure we all have 'em, so feel free to share! And be safe out there!

- mahogani

Monday, February 11

Alpha Phi Alpha To Host First "Ice Bowl"

Members of Shreveport’s Delta Upsilon Lambda Graduate Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are taking their community service to a new level with a unique eventthe 2008 ICE Bowl.

The ICE BOWL is a football game between members of the fraternity. Each player will raise money to help fund the chapter’s community service projects. Members plan to provide mentorships, leadership workshops and job seminars at local schools using funds raised at the event.

The ICE BOWL will be on Saturday, February 23, 2008 at Booker T. Washington High School’s stadium located at 2104 Milam Street at 2:06pm.

“The overall plight is to help improve children’s education through our involvement in community enhancement.” said Charlie Sanders, ICE Bowl Chairman.

Featured half-time entertainment will be provided by the Woodlawn High School Marching Band. Stand music will also be provided by the Southwood High School Pep Band.

Fraternity History

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for black college students, was organized at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY on December 4, 1906. Its seven founders, referred by brothers as “Jewels”, envisioned an organization that unified men of color and maintained a close association and support for its members.

Men who possess principals of good character, sound scholarship, fellowship and a desire to uplift humanity in the world are the makeup of Alpha Phi Alpha’s members.

The fraternity integrated its racial membership in 1945 and has grown to more than 700 chapters located in the U.S., Caribbean Islands, Africa, Asia, Europe and the West Indies.

For more information on the event (or the chapter), contact Charlie Sanders at (318) 470-8008 or log on to

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